Remote places of the Earth where Human Civilization exists | Defeating all Odds

Scientist has proved that normal room temperature for healthy human body is 20 to 26 degree Celsius. When the temperature is lesser than that we feel cold. Even lesser then we are found ourselves wrapped with warm cloths. But most of us didn’t know that there are places on earth where still Human Civilization exists, where the temperature is non-favorable for human existence.

Remote places of the Earth where Human Civilization exists | Defeating all Odds


Still defeating all odds, we can find Human colonies there. Following are some of the places, where survival for us is actually difficult.

Alert, Nunavut – CANADA

Remote places of the Earth | Alert, Nunavut – CANADA

It is the northernmost permanently inhabited place of the world. Till 2011 the Human population was zero, but further due to Mankind and need civilization takes pace.


Minimum Temperature was noted as -50 Degree Celsius at times.  Alert is named after HMS Alert, which was a British ship which wintered about 10 KM away in 1875. The Captain of Ship was George Nares, He along with his few crew members were first to reach here (Northern end of Ellesmere Island).


Here few inhabitants still live, where it hosts a military signals intelligence radio receiving facility at Canadian Forces Station Alert. Here they monitor weather and watch the weather change and could warn much in advance for any sort of disaster or sudden weather change. The existence of population at that area is essential for us.

Remote places of the Earth | Alert, Nunavut


Now interestingly because of it’s distance from North Pole, Alert receives 24 hour darkness during winters and vice versa during summer’s (24 hours light). It’s not that easy to live in such kind of areas.

Tristan da Cunha – ATLANTIC OCEAN


Remote places of the Earth | Tristan da Cunha – ATLANTIC OCEAN


Tristan da Cunha is actually a group of Volcanic Islands situated in the south of Atlantic Ocean and is the main island of entire Volcanic Islands. It is also considered as the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. The nearest land from it is South Africa which is approx 3360 KM far from here. This island has a total population of 259 noted till July 2015.


It was first discovered in 1506 by a Portuguese explorer Tristao Da Cunha, and given this island his name.

Remote places of the Earth | Tristan da Cunha – ATLANTIC OCEAN


Record high temperature was noted at 24 Degree Celsius and record low at 14.2 Degree Celcius. People living here do have Internet and Television access with the help of Satellite. Fishing, Farming and few Government jobs is something here people do for living. No outsiders are allowed here to buy land or even to stay.

Motuo County, CHINA


Remote places of the Earth | Motuo County, CHINA

Motuo County is actually hidden in the Tibetan region of China. Many attempts were done by officials to create roads to make it connected with rest of the world has been failed due to volatile landscape.

There is only one way that you could enter here and that too by trekking a frozen overland route through the Himalayas. And mind it we are talking about crossing jungle, frozen atmosphere and no one to help.

Remote places of the Earth | Motuo County, CHINA

Though Medog does have a favorable climate caused by the relatively low elevations. The area is also covered with lush green environment with more than 3000 species of plants and 42 species of rare animals under special protection.


McMurdo Station – ANTRTICA


Remote places of the Earth | McMurdo Station – ANTRTICA

McMurdo Station is actually a U.S Antartc research center, which is being operated by the United States through U.S. Antartic Program.

McMurdo Station is named after a Lieutenant Archibald McMurdo, which first charted the area in year 1841.

These days this station is one f the Antarctica’s largest community and advance science center, with more than 100 buildings also one ATM provided by Wells Fargo Bank. Here the prime motive is science and research. Close to 1200 scientists from different countries are working here for the development of science.

Remote places of the Earth | McMurdo Station

Average temperature here always is freezing; this place features a polar ice cap climate. Warmest months are December and January, which is slightly above freezing.


Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport – GREENLAND


Remote places of the Earth | Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport – GREENLAND

First thing is about the name, it is actually very hard to pronounce. But trust me, the place is even harder to stay in and to survive. Everything is frozen, even the nearby sea, which makes it nearly impossible to reach by boats. The nearest Airport rarely host any flights, which make this place difficult to commute. Majorly people living here survive on Hunting Polar Bears and whales.

Remote places of the Earth | Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport

But yes if you wish to stay in the most peaceful place on earth you need to start practicing pronouncing this name – Ittoqqortoormiit.


Northwest Angle – USA


Northwest Angle – USA

Northwest angle This place is also known as the Angle by the locals living here. More than Seventy percent of the land of the Angle is held in trust by the Red Lake Indian Reservation (Ojibwa).

Approx 150+ people are reportedly living here in colonies. Access to this place is only possible through Canada and Mississippi river.

Remote places of the Earth | Northwest Angle – USA

Lush Green environment, calm and compose sea ad a peaceful environment, this place actually got much to offer.

Hope you have enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for more interesting Stories and things which you should know.

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