Shocking “Laws” Across the World like Illegal to be Fat in Japan

Laws have only one motive across the world.

They are made to protect you from trouble and provide benefits. You must have heard news like a traveler getting caught by police for some crime which they even didn’t know was a crime. It’s because visitors are not aware of their laws and unknowingly invite trouble.

You must be thinking some common laws like don’t drink and drive, don’t hurt anyone physically else you would be jailed and likewise. If this comes in your mind, then you are totally wrong. I am talking about some strange and weird laws that every country has for their citizens. They should be imposed or not, that is a different story altogether.

Shocking “Laws” Across the World like Illegal to be Fat in Japan

So, let’s enjoy reading some weird and strange laws. Be sure, 10th Law is really really weird and unfair for men. ( All men would agree for sure )

  1. In Saudi Arabia, there is no minimum age for marriage. Recently court denied a 8 year old girl to grant divorce from her 58 years old husband.
    How could man do this with a small girl?

  2. In Thailand, you are not allowed to step on Money. It is considered as illegal.
    Can’t step over Money. Why don’t you just take it.

  3. In Singapore, it is illegal to sell and chew normal chewing gum and fined 1000 USD
    Chewing can cost you more than its MRP

  4. In Texas, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned because it contains the formula of making beer at home.
    Beer Can do anything
  5. In Alabama, it is illegal to have Sex toys. If you are heading to Arizona, then you are allowed to carry two sex toys not more than that.
    Intelligent people knows everything

  6. In some parts of India, it is legal for a husband to offer his wife against Debt until it is paid.
    Wife is your better half not a price to pay against debts

  7. In Hong Kong, it is pure legal for woman to kill her husband if she finds him cheating on her. He must be killed with her bare hands.
    Beware of Wife. She can be after your life if caught

  8. In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.
    Once forget and punished, would never dare to forget again

  9. In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush after 10 pm as they will consider it as noise pollution.
    Respect time else Smell your Poo

  10. In Indonesia, masturbation is strictly forbidden for men.
    Having Girl Friend is good even if she is irritating.

  11. In Japan, it is illegal for men and women to be fat. 35 inches for women and 31 inches for men is set as a limit.
    Japan really focus on one’s personality

    You can see some weird and strange laws which should not be imposed. Country could have found intelligent laws which could be used to enhance people’s productivity and better future.

Well we can only make you aware that there are many things which you should know that exists in this world.

If you have come across with some more strange laws, we welcome your comment.

*******Because You Can Know Everything********


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