Slap by Indian King that turned luxury into waste – ROLLS ROYCE

Indian Kings are meant to rule over world and known for their royal lifestyle. Nobody can question or doubt on them but what if somebody dare ?

Slap by Indian King that turned luxury into waste – ROLLS ROYCE

Bhupinder Singh


Something like this happened in 1930 when an Indian King Bhupinder Singh from Patiala ordered for Rolls Royce and they refused his proposal. We can’t even imagine the kind of insult he went through at that time ( After all he is a King ). Bhupinder Singh from Patiala already had many Rolls Royce cars and when he went to the showroom to add one more count, Rolls Royce refused his proposal by questioning on their capability ( These poor people didn’t aware of his royalty ). King Bhupinder singh got angry and he decided to put all his already owned Rolls Royce cars to use as garbage bin and they started in the entire city of Patiala.


Indian King Bhupinder Singh

This news spread like anything all over the city as people were shocked to see that luxury car is being used to collect garbage in the city. At last, when this news finally reached to Rolls Royce, they were shocked more than anyone else as it was the matter of reputation now. These guys contacted Indian King to resolve this issue as they know that this is going to affect the sales and reputation badly. They literally beg in front of him and apologized for whatever happened. They first kicked off that salesman and offered a new Rolls Royce car at no cost as a token of apology.

Bhupinder Singh gave a good lesson to them and he actually fliped the history.


But sad story of Rolls Royce didn’t come to an end with King Bhupinder Singh. There was one more story that is again related to Rolls Royce and again with another King. ( Seems like Rolls Royce have a curse on them )


Maharaja Jai Singh from Alwar


He was another Indian King who gave another lesson. This all happened in the city of London when he visited there for some work. One day, he visited RR showroom and started inquiring about new cars. He went in a very casual attire as he never thought that his attire would become responsible to write another history. The salesman insulted him and showed him the exit gate. King instead of responding, he came out and again visited there with his royal attire that salesman didn’t recognized him. King Jay Singh purchased 10 cars and he transported them to India quickly. ( Till now everything seems fine but the revenge got started from that moment only when that salesman made his mistake )


After returning back to India, first thing King Jay Singh did was to put all these new branded cars of Rolls Royce into garbage collection. This actually be best answer which he gave. This news again spread like fire. Rolls Royce finally investigate everything and he came to know all that happened in the city of London. They seek apology from the King and promised not to repeat this again.


The basic reason behind putting these all cars into garbage collection as nobody can imagine these luxury cars with waste and garbage. According to Indian kings, this could be the best slap to Rolls Royce who underestimated Indian Kings.


Guys, its good to be on top but never let others down as you never know when and who is going to change your world ( Yes!! it may be in negative manner )


Every brand has some failure associated with it. You might or might not have control upon some failures.

Be wise.. Be careful.. After all, we the common people are the one who can lift you up and can drain you down.

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  1. it wasnt king jay singh, it was the grear nizam of hyderabad who bought rolls royce for cleaning the garbage in hyderabad. u may check it on wikipedia.

    1. Hi Robin,
      Thanks for your comment. Apart from King Bhupinder singh and Jai singh which we have mentioned, there was one more King Nizam of Hyderabad which you rightly pointed out. Actually there are many, these two Kings have initiated this, that is why we have mentioned only two.

      Just for reference, kindly go through this IndiaTV news link mentioning Jai singh too.

      We appreciate your feedback.
      Team – BeYourGoogle

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