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Steve Jobs Started Using LSD Drug in Young Age | More Facts to Reveal

I need not to introduce this famous personality as his name and his inventions are always around us. I am talking about Steve Jobs, an American Information technology entrepreneur and inventor. He was the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.His passion didn’t stop at Apple rather he was driving into six industries namely personal computers, movies, music, digital publishing, tablet computing and last but not the least phones. ( Phones for which he was famous for)

His personal transition also transits the whole world via technology.


Though its only 5 years ( October 5, 2011 )when we all lost our unique thinker Steve Jobs, but still people remembers him and his all inventions which no one can ever imagine. If you want to post or express your grief for him, sharing you link of Apple official website specially for his remembrance. Link :

His one of the most famous sayings was “I used to say that Apple should be the Sony of this business, but in reality, I think Apple should be the Apple of this business”.

It would be really difficult to mention his all rewards and innovations in one article here. He has done so many things that I can not express it all. Everyone knows this fact that he was being expelled from his own company and then started NeXT, a computer platform company. This company did really wonders and in 1997, Apple purchased NeXT and allowing Steve Jobs to become CEO of Apple again. Not only this, at that time apple was on the verge of bankruptcy but Steve Jobs turned into profitable company.

Sitting with NeXT co-founders after leaving Apple

Well, I am here to reveal some more secrets of Steve Jobs which people might not aware of.

  1. Adopted Child

He was an adopted child and his parents gave him this name “Steve Paul Jobs“. As usual, he has an intense passion and hobby into electronic gadgets. His childhood friends addressed him as fear because at school times, he used to scare his friends by throwing snakes and bombs in classrooms. After 26 years of his birth, he actually found that his parents were Abdul Fattah John Jandali and Joanne Simpson.

2. Inside every Macintosh, you would find Steve Jobs’ Signature

It has been heard that when Macintosh was complete, Steve Jobs took the signatures of all those employees who worked in that project on a small piece of paper. Later, this paper became the model for a metal plate that would be inserted inside every Macintosh. As per Steve, Macintosh was not just another computer for him but it was a masterpiece because of its unique graphical user interface.


3. LSD and Dyslexic

Just like another great people like Albert Einstein, Steve was also suffered from Dyslexia. This means he unable to read, write and understand the words easily. Moreover, He started using LSD drug at a very young age. LSD means Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Steve considered this as an important thing in his life. He believed that his unique innovations all came when his skills got combined with LSD. This drug helped him to bring out a new and unique thinker.


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4. Internship at HP ( Hewlett Packard )

At his very young age, he attended various lectures conducted by HP ( Hewlett Packard ). Obviously those lectures must be informative and beneficial so Steve approached William Hewlett asking for his guidance for his project through HP computer components. William noticed the spark and passion in Steve and end up in giving those computer parts to him. Not only computer parts, William offered internship at HP that time on the spot. He was in eighth standard when Steve got this beautiful opportunity.

5. Serves the nation by his products not by Charity

He believes that one can serve the nation by providing useful products and services rather than money or charity. As many companies were going for CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) at that time by donating money in charity, still Steve didn’t do that. He served the nation and society through his innovative products. He never funded or donated any single bugs. Well, if going by other sources, Steve donated certain amount of money as a charity secretly. But according to New York Times, a published article says that there was no evidence found which proves that he has funded anything. No public record was obtained.

These are some of the hidden facts about Steve Jobs which many people might not aware of. We would have more advanced technology now if he would have not gone. We are lucky that we lived in that era where Steve Jobs lived a little.

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