Sundar Pichai.. GOOGLE has googled well deserved CEO for themselves now

10th August 2015, the day when GOOGLE has announced his new CEO – Sundar Pichai. Company’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin has finally googled a well deserved CEO who has contributed a lot in his career journey.

Sundar Pichai.. GOOGLE has googled well deserved CEO for themselves now

Sundar Pichai who joined in 2004, handled Product management and Innovation efforts for client software products and majorly contributed in Google Chrome and Chrome OS. There are many wonderful inventions given by Sundar.

Though, it would be impossible to count his contributions on tips but still mentioning few:


Google Chrome: Majority of people are using Chrome as their default browser but hardly aware of that champ behind this. Sundar Pichai in 2004 came up with their own browser that dominated over Internet explorer and other available Browsers.


Google Docs is also one of the achievement along with Google plus and Gmap He didn’t left any stone unturned to make it a success. The time when Google is in cold war with Apple, that time Sundar Pichai came into picture and boomed with Android.


The list of his achievements is never ending and this is the only reason why every single person in Google loves him and appreciates him for his work. He is so dedicated towards his work that even Larry enjoys working with him.


Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President are now focusing more on their new vertical ALPHABET. As we all know, Google always comes up with something unique. This time ALPHABET, a new parent company would do wonders.


( Waiting for ALPHABET to show its colors )


If you wish to read and understand more about Alphabet and to understand why BMW is in war with Google.

Read entire story here : War between Google and BMW for Alphabet

Now, its time to congratulate our new CEO of Google and lets see what new and innovative going to happen in technology. For all techis, time to see something new.


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