After Surgical Strike, India-Pak moved to Hacker’s “Cyber War”

Soldiers on border and Hackers on Internet are fighting to save their own country. Whether they are from India or Pakistan, every responsible citizen wants their country to win. This is what happening now-a-days in terms of war. India and Pakistan now moved to Cyber War after surgical strike and they are calling it “Revenge”.

After Surgical Strike, India-Pak moved to Hacker’s “Cyber War” and they are calling it as revenge. Read more to know the reason behind this.


It has been always in limelight when we heard news on attacks between India and Pakistan since ages. Be it a cricket match or any other face off, everyone seems to be in high patriotism. People behave as if they are on border literally. This is what unites us all. These two rivalries pretend that they are having good relationship. But whenever they fight against each other, they fight beyond limits. That is why, they moved to Cyber war this time.





Surgical Strike is nothing but a big and sudden surprise to your enemy. This is a military attack on enemies ground and have to come back safely as well. In Surgical Strike, they make sure little or no collateral damage.

On 28th September 2016, Indian military had surgical strike and crossed LOC to attack terrorist targets. Between midnight to 4:30 am, Indian army Para commandos crossed the LOC and attacked on seven terrorist launch pads far away from 2 kms. Every launch pad had at least 30 to 40 terrorists in it. Indian army went and came back before sunrise after successful surgical strike.

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NDTV interviewed Retired General Shankar Prasad that “The ground is very tough. The targets are movable targets. It means carrying out an attack and coming back without any damage to yourself. Every single Sepoy is briefed on the sketch. Everyone in the team has specific responsibility”.




It was not really long when we heard that terrorist have attacked Indian Army at Uri on 18th September 2016. It was regarded as deadliest attack on security forces in the town of Kashmir ever. It was an attack by four fully armed terrorists and Jaish-e-Mohammed was found behind this attack after many investigations. At that time, around 85 civilians were killed and thousands of people got injured.


Above pictures might just be a picture for you but it was the end for someone’s life and family. This is the reason behind Surgical Strike from India. Pakistan should be punished more. They deserve much more than Surgical Strike.




  • On 3rd October’16, we got to know that Pakistan hackers hacked Indian website named National Green Tribunal. It was identified that hacker named himself as D4RK 4NG3l. This was not the end. They posted a message saying

“We are Unbeatable. You kill innocent people in Kashmir and call your self-defenders of your country. You…violate the ceasefire on a border and call it ‘Surgical Strikes’. Now kiss the burn of Cyber War,”


  • On 4th October’16, Pakistan hackers hacked one more educational Website i.e. Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies. They posted a message saying “ Pakistan Zindabad
  • pakistan_cyber_army
  • Also according to The Times of India report, on the same day Pakistan Hackers hacked numerous Indian websites like Tata Motors, Taj Mahal, AIADMK etc. It has been counted that around 7070 Indian websites were hacked. They posted a message saying“There is more to come”This was not the end. They end their day with one more hack. This was done by hacking air communication and transmitting Pakistani patriotic songs to all of the flights near LOC. This was done to block the communication between all the pilots of Indian carriers. This obviously, hampered the landing procedure and thus fulfilling their aim.


  • On 6th October’16, another Pakistani hacker named Faisal 1337 came to give his best. He Hacked Parbhani District Police website and the Bihar State Electronics Development Commission website. They posted a message saying

“Tum ne sirf socha tha aur hum ne kar ke dikhaya” and posted on his Facebook page as well.





Obviously, every Indian would expect a good response from Indian Cyber Army for all of those hacks. This is exactly what they did. Indian hackers responded and their response would make all Indians proud.


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  • India’s top most hackers group named as “Hell Shield Hackers” did a great job for his country. They hacked multiple Pakistani Government websites and Pakistani Army Website as well.  Also, they blocked the server of Textile Ministry of Pakistan and Pakistan Central Cotton Committee’s website.hell_shield_hackersmessage_on_facebook
  • That was not the end. One more Indian hacker named in73ct0r d3vil did fabulous job by blocking numerous websites and posted a message showing“You are nothing but Brainwashing our Citizen in Kashmir, But wait Indian Hackers Gonna beat the hell outta you”  #DestroyPakistan and #UriAttacks


  • Even after hacking Pakistan’s main and govt. Websites, Indian hackers are not stopping here even. One more hacker named Mr. Z hacked Agricultural Department of Baltistan website. He posted a message saying“If we start attack on you, it would be more dangerous than surgical strikes”


  • Apart from these high-end and confidential websites, below are some more that were under the control of Indians. Their one move could damage the entire Pakistan, forget about their websites.Websites of Freedom Party PakistanUniversity of KarachiUniversity of Faisalabad


Do not take Cyber War for grated because on a single click, hackers can damage every single thing there. Security won’t be an illusion if taken lightly. God knows where this cyber war is going to end and when.

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