Surprise to know Logical scientific reasons behind illogical myths and superstitions

Doesn’t matter you belong to which country, region or area, we all have some myths and superstitions which we are following in our daily life for the fear of being cursed or witnessed any bad luck. Few people are following these myths because they personally believe them, some are following because their family believe and forced them to believe, some people don’t believe but still following because they don’t want to face any bad luck. So, there are numerous reasons, logical or illogical, behind such myths and superstitions which we might not aware of and we are still following them without any reason.

Surprise to know Logical scientific reasons behind illogical myths and superstitions


We have tried listing some illogical myths with their logical scientific reasons so that poor people won’t get deceived on the name of such myths and its fear. After reading this, you yourself would stop following or at least understand the fact some other day. ( No hard feelings for die hard believers )

  1. Lemon with seven Chillies to avoid Bad luck

lemon and seven chillies


It has been said that if you open a new business or a shop, you must do one ritual activity wherein you have to hang our lemon with seven chillies at the doorstep to avoid bad luck and negativity. People believes that there is a goddess named Alakshmi who is considered as goddess of poverty. She used to like sour and spicy things so when she tries to enter in any shop, this hanging lemon and chillies would satisfy her hunger. This way lemon and chillies keeps away the bad luck from her.

Scientific Reason: This technique has been following from ancient times. Earlier, there was no pesticide for shops so they hang out lemon and chillies together because the thread which is used to tie absorbs the acid from them and the smell keeps away the pests and insects. This way they use them to avoid insects and nothing is related to Alakshmi.

2. Temple Bells

temple bells

Temple Bells are very known for an Indian and Foreigners as well. One cannot imagine temples without bells. Its has been said that these bells creates a pleasant sound that directly connects to God and keeps away the evil forces. Temple bells are made up of different metals and it produces really a mind blowing sound.

Scientific Reason: This tradition is from old days and in those days, temple rings were made of different metals  like cadmium, zinc, lead, nickel, copper etc. in appropriate proportion. Thus produces a different echo which lasts in our mind for round about 7 seconds and helps us to activate seven healing centers in our body. This will create a unity between our left and right brain. This would make your mind more aware, receptive and focused.

3.  Peepal Tree

peepal tree

Peepal tree is the only tree which bears no fruit and weak wood but still considered as sacred and being worshiped by most of the Hindus. It has been believed that we should not cut Peepal tree for two reasons. First, it is being worshiped and second is that many ghosts resides there.

Scientific Reason :  Trees are meant to give oxygen and take carbon dioxide during the day. Despite having no tangible use, still it is good to have around you because this is the only tree which produces oxygen even at night. In order to save tree from being cut, our ancestors made it sacred.

4. Navratris fasts


In India, out of many traditions, one of the important and highly sacred tradition is Navratri fasts. It is being worshiped and believed by many Hindus. Main tradition is fasting for entire 9 days, keeping flame ( Diya ) on for continuous nine days, at the end, inviting nine little girls for a meal etc. This all includes in Navratri fasting. People said that these rituals are very powerful and they would get whatever they pray to Goddess.

Scientific reason :  Basically , Navratris comes twice a year. If you notice closely, the months of Navratris are the months of changing seasons. During these days, fasting would made you strong and allow your body to adjust itself. Thus, keeps you well.

5. Throwing Coins into Wells and Rivers


From Ancient times, people used to throw coins in pond, rivers and wells. The belief is it brings good luck. People pray to God and throw coins into wells and rivers so that God would fulfill all of their wishes one day.

Scientific Reason : Earlier coins were made of copper and stainless steel which is good for human body. These coins were act as anti-bacterial purpose. When they took bath in those rivers and wells, it helped them in proper intake of copper. This would keep them healthy.

So, we have listed and collected main superstitions and myths which is being used in India blindly. These myths are good if taken in a positive manner but many people misuse it and deceive poor people which is bad. We don’t want to create a negative image on these traditions but yes we want you to open your eyes and stop following blindly. Understand the logical scientific reason behind that and then follow in whatever manner you wish.

Hope this would enhance your knowledge and made you more wise.

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