Take care of your HAIR.. All Problems | All Solutions


Out of all the possible problems in our life, there is one problem which is getting onto nerves – Hair Problem. Earlier, there was no expensive products, no extra care products and still people were not having any problems with their hair.  The only reason behind this was that they care them with natural products.

Take care of your HAIR.. All Problems | All Solutions


Beautiful hair is the the need of all. Most of the people don’t take tension just because it leads to more hair fall. People relates everything to their hair and they just want to keep them healthy and long.

I totally understand that in our busy schedule, nobody gets time to care. The only option left is to search for some simple and easy solutions. But shortcut of everything is not life long. There is an end to it and again you are at zero level.

In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, we need a natural care. Here are some natural products which has all the solutions relative to their problems :

  1. Cascutta ( Amarbel )

LONG HAIR : Take 250 gms of cascutta and boil it in almost 3 liters of water. Take this off when half of the water is left. Leave this residue overnight. Wash your hair with this residue next morning. This would make your hair long naturally.

2. Garlic 

HAIR GROWTH : If you want to grow your hair naturally, you just need garlic ( Easily available ). Squeeze it to take out its juice. Apply this juice on your hair and scalp. You can repeat this process twice a month. This will actually help in growing hair.

3. Neem and Plum

PREVENT HAIR LOSS : Prevention is better than cure. So, mix Neem and leaves of plum together and apply this paste on your hair. Leave it untouched for about 2 – 3 hours and then wash it off with simple plain water. This will not harm your hair as these are the natural way to prevent hair fall.

4. Dry Amla and Mehandi

SOFT AND LONG HAIR : Mix equal amount of dry AMla and Mehandi and dip into water. Leave this overnight. Wash your hair with this in the morning and you will feel the difference from the very first wash. Repeat this process after every 3 to 4 days depending upon your hair length. This will make your hair soft and naturally long.

5. Cucumber

LONG HAIR : Squeeze cucumber and Kakdi and take out its juice. Wash your hair with its juice and you will get results in few months itself. Your hair would be long as it contains silicon and sulphur in high amount. You can also drink juice of cucumber, carrot and Spinach and make it more effective.

These five things are not the only one which can help your hair to fight with such problems. There are many but I focused on those which are easily available in the market so that you would not find any difficulty.

I hope this article would actually help you all to have beautiful hair.

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