This Amazing Technology Have Turned Into Low Cost Touch Screen


If some new innovations would have done in the field of Electronics Engineering, then world would be more developed and effective. Electronics engineering not only includes major engineering circuits or switches, but it hides some major innovative challenges which would make our future brighter.


This Amazing Technology Have Turned Into Low Cost Touch Screen


As a user, all we can do is to wait for this ultra thin film which was composed of silver nano wire particles which can help us in many ways. This nano wire would help in low cost bendable touch screen which is coming in many laptops.




These nano wire are so small i.e. 20 microns long. If we place four nano wire end to end, this would be something equal to the width of human hair. The silver nano particles wire are suspended in water and then laid over surfaces using de Laval jet nozzle at 400 meters per second.

How this actually works:


The kinetic energy while applying to the surface is turned into heat and this makes them to fuse with each other. One of the researchers has stated that 400 meters per second is perfect and any amount above that would cut the wires. And, any amount below that would not be able to fuse.


As of result of which, one can use the film to wide range of surfaces including 3D objects and those surfaces which are meant for bending and stretching.


This ultra thin film was developed by two teams from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the Korea University in Seoul.


These kinds of inventions and innovations in the field of electronics engineering come from the belief and knowledge. No engineering books, engineering e-books, engineering notes, engineering projects can make you competent enough to build such inventions. It is all in your passion and dedication towards your work.


We are really proud to have such talented engineers who are not only making their own career but also developed nation.


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