This Doesn’t mean that a GIRL is…

Girls are like free water. They are like book of different chapters and every chapter demonstrates her nature, personality and many more. When a girl is small, she is pretty. When a girl is young, she is cheering and innocent. When a girl is adult, she is independent. When a girl marry, she is more responsible. When a girl becomes mother, she is strong. When a girl is old, she is supportive. So, in every phase of her life, she should be respected.

This Doesn’t mean that a GIRL is…


RESPECT is all she wants, needs and expects from others. Love, support and other things are essential but cannot be compensated with her respect and dignity. But still, women are being misunderstood by everyone who exist or doesn’t exist in her life. Whether her family, friends, boy friend, and any other person starts judging her based on her personality. But the truth is you cannot judge by  her personality as she has diverse roles and phases in her life. This makes her completely different and unique.

Here, Listed some of the facts that every girl is facing in her life, later or sooner.



















Exceptions are always there so I am not here to debate between girls and boys. But definitely yes, I am trying to put these above things into limelight so that no innocent girl would be misunderstood.

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