Tips To Make Use Of Your Daily Commute

Tips To Make Use Of Your Daily Commute

Commuting to and from work can be tedious, so why not make it count? These tips are for those who do not drive to work. After managing our daily schedule, we can not only save our time but also save our energy.

Get updated: instead of rushing your morning schedule, reserve your commuting time for reading the newspapers or getting updated on the net.

Make calls: make a list of the people you have to call through the day and while you commute, start calling those who can take your calls like the plumber or the electrician or your appliance servicing guy.

Make appointments: got to visit the doctor or make an appointment at your spa? Do it while you’re on the move.

De-Stress: stress plays havoc and what better time to de-stress than during your commute? You can meditate or deep breathe. Concentrate and cut yourself off from the world for a while.

Plan your menu: don’t get the time to plan your daily menu? Then use this time to male a list of the dishes that  are to be prepared by your cook for the next day. Also list the vegetables and groceries that you require.

Recreation: there are some things we all love to do but sometimes cannot find the time for like listening to music or reading novel. Try it while commuting.

Get trendy: the easiest way to learn about fashion and trends is to window-shop and what better time to do this than while you commute?

Banking: with many banks having 24-hours banking and phone banking, do your banking while you commute.

Pay your bills: you can also pay telephone and electricity bills over the phone and online shopping. It not only saves your time but also saves you energy and money.

Do your bit: social service can be liberating. While on your way to ro from work you can drop in at an orphanage or an old age home and give them some edibles.

If you are concerned about the environment, walk to work, if its possible, or car pool.

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