Most trusted brand turned most dangerous brand – Johnson Talcum powder cause ovarian cancer

Yes, you have read this right. Johnson & Johnson which is known for its most trusted products. Moreover they have claimed that they have the best products for babies even. A company whose guiding principle is to make the world safer and healthier. A company that is listed under Fortune 500 has turned its image 360 degree round.

Most trusted brand turned most dangerous brand and it causes ovarian cancer

Johnson & Johnson, the most trusted brand in terms of household products has turned into most worst brand when a case was highlighted by a woman Deane Berg from South Dakota who has claimed that Johnson Talcum Powder is unhealthy to use as it causes Ovarian Cancer. After many hearings and evidences shown, company has lost this lawsuit and paid 55 million dollar to her. 5 Million Dollar as a compensatory damages and 50 Million Dollar in punitive charges.

deane berg
Deane Berg

Not only one, one more case was being filed by Gloria Ristesund who used Johnson’s Talcum powder baby products on her sensitive genitals part n her daily routine. Couple of years later, she encountered ovarian cancer. According to his lawyers, this disease was detected after went through hysterectomy and other related diagnosis.


Ovarian Cancer is fatal. This cancer is eighth most common cancer in women in United States. If we go by sources, around 20, 000 women were being diagnosed with this illness every year.

Obviously, we can not go by just two cases mentioned above to stand against such a big company but what if a woman died because of their products. Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay 72 million Dollar to Alabama family. Despite of these cases and damages by Johnson & Johnson, they are still claiming that their products are safe and healthy to use. Carol Goodrich statement “For over 100 years, Johnson & Johnson has provided consumers with a safe choice for cosmetic powder products and we will continue to work hard to exceed consumer expectations and evolving product preferences.”

What Causes Cancer from their Talc Powder ?

The talc powder contains many minerals and chemicals to make your skin good and healthy. It contains a mineral that consists of the elements magnesium, silicon and oxygen. But some talc contains asbestos, a chemical that has been a major reason behind cancer according to American Cancer Society.

Among many, one of the evidence shown that Johnson & Johnson was aware of these risks that their products contains cancer leading substance. Still company didn’t bothered about this and continues to its increasingly sales.

Well, it is impossible to believe that such a big company Johnson & Johnson who had made a respectful image in the FMCG market by its baby products can turn out into worse.

Not only three cases, but there are around 1200 talcum powder lawsuits are going on against this company across the world.

We can not tell that what is the root cause of this and how that can be rectified. But as a consumer or I would say as a Loyal Consumer, company should have told or informed or warmed the users not to use their products or at least avoid for sometime until things have been resolved.

Let’s see what is the future of this company and how they would resolved this major issue.

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