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Unlock Your iPhone Without Using Passcode Easily

iPhone are meant to be secured and high on technology. Apple is not just another big brand but people lives with it and with its unique technology. Today, the most expensive phones available in India are iPhone. Well they deserve this much worth or not, that is a different story altogether.

Unlock Your iPhone Without Using Passcode Easily

Samsung is also trying to compete and achieve the highest selling phones in the market. We have been witnessing advertisement war between Samsung and Apple since long. We as a common people only want the best.

Well, iPhone are secured with passwords. If user accidentally or intentionally locked the phone by trying wrong passwords multiple times, then it would actually become a pain for user. This is the most witnessed problem occurred with iPhone. Therefore, I am sharing this easy technique to resolve the locked iPhone without using pass code.

There are two ways to unlock the iPhone. One is through iOS Data Recovery Program and another via Siri.

  1. iOS Data Recovery Program

This iOS data recovery program is used to recover the files, photos, videos etc saved on your phone without any loss. Below are the following steps that shows how to use this software.

  • Install the program and connect your iDevice to computer. You would see three options. Choose ” Recover from iOS Device “
PC: iphone recovery
  • Put your device to DFU mode by following below steps.
PC: iphoneRecovery
  • Start scanning all the data stored in the device and then you would see your files in categories.
PC: iphonerecovery
  • Start exporting the files. you need to select the data which you want to restore. Click on “recover” button and start the process.
PC: iphonerecovery

Above process is just to restore the files so that it won’t be deleted.

Let’s Unlock the iDevice now by following these simple steps :

  • Connect your iDevice to your computer.
  • Click on “Summary” tab at the left hand side of the window.
  • Click “Check for Update” and after completing the process, click “restore”
PC: iphonerecovery

Now, Its time to wipe your iDevice with recovery mode.

  • Open your iTunes and connect your device.
  • When device is connected, you need to press and hold Power and home Button at the same time. This will make your device to restart forcefully.
  • Release the button once you see the recovery mode.

All these steps once finished would open a message saying that “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored”.

Click on Restore button and process would start automatically. Once done, you would see new iPhone without password.

This is the official method by which you can save your iPhone and access even if you forget your passcode.

2. Unlock Your Phone Using SIRI

If you have forgotten your iPhone pass code, don’t worry, Siri is there to help you out. Follow these simple steps and unlock your iPhone.

  • Hold the home button and let the Siri open up.
  • When your Siri is listening, ask what the time is? This would bring you to clock app.
  • Go for ‘World Clock’ tab, you would find one section where you can choose the tones for Alarm.
  • If you click on ‘Buy more tones’, you would get into iTunes.
  • Now, click the home button and you can get into the phone’s home screen without entering the passcode.

There is only catch in this method. This method will only work  if touch recognition is enabled.

These are the two most used and applied methods for unlocking the iDevice. Hope this article would help you.

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