War between Google and BMW for Alphabet – why Google has not googled the name before

Google is a well known brand which everyone knows. But recently when Sundar Pichai was announced as a new CEO of Google, we also came across a new name Alphabet. But big brands do have big fights and it seems enough quite.

War between Google and BMW for Alphabet – why Google has not googled the name before

What is Alphabet


Alphabet is the newly established holding company that would manage Google and all other firms that were owned or tied by Google. The company Alphabet is based in California and is being headed by Google’s co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


The reason that this re-structuring was done to make Google more cleaner and accountable, while taking more control and grip to other businesses, whose main business was unrelated to it.


What is the Fight and Controversy all about


Google’s founder have decided the name Alphabet for the new parent company. Now when they wish to take the domain alphabet.com they were surprised to see that it was already taken by BMW.


Immediately they dialed BMW headquarter situated in Munich, and they were shocked to get the response. BMW doesn’t wish to sell their domain by any mean.


Alphabet at BMW is the name of a subsidiary company that provided services to Vehicle fleets. BMW has clearly quoted officially that they would not see the domain name as it is very active and integral part of BMW.


What value does Alphabet gives to BMW


BMW has a full list of actual all letters Alphabets which clearly states the value that the Alphabet provides to them:

War between Google and BMW for Alphabet – why Google has not Googled the name before

Infact BMW officials are also very closely examining that is the step of Google by announcing new name Alphabet does any implications over trademarks that is being copyrighted and protected by BMW. At this stage BMW is not at all thinking about taking any legal actions.


Google next step and way forward:


If we search the database of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office there are already more than 103 trademark registrations in the US (United States) that include the word “Alphabet” or some close variations of it and some mix of extra words.


So Google is actually not at all worry about any legal actions. And you are talking about suing Google, I mean THE GOOGLE.


Well Google has already acquired a new domain named abc.xyz which is solving the purpose for them. On the front page of the website it is clearly mentioned that G is for Google.


G is for Google


Well what future contains none of us know, but surely Google is The Google it would surely do anything to make sure these things wouldn’t actually affect any of its business. Lets hope for the best and we wish entire Google as well as Alphabet team all the best.


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