World Best Real Motivational Story Ever – Read It If You Need Inspiration

Trust me, after reading this entire article you would feel motivated towards life and it would also help you in achieving your “Real Life Goals”. Everyone has a dream, something which they wish to achieve or something which they wish to peruse.

World Best Real Motivational Story Ever – Read It If You Need Inspiration

This story revolves around a person, who alike us has a dream since beginning, and the dream was just to win a medal in Olympics.

Karoly_TakacsKaroly Takacs was a sergeant in the Hungarian Army. He was a good shooter (which he always feels), but he was never allowed to participate and to compete in the Summer Olympics because only commissioned officers from the Hungarian Army were allowed to participate. He wish to participate as his shooting was really good but due to rules he was not allowed to participate in 1936 Summer Olympics.

After Berlin games somehow this rule was lifted, which gave Karoly Takacs a strong hope to participate in 1940 Summer Olympics scheduled at Tokyo – Japan in 1940 (Olympic games only occurs once in 4 years).

He practiced hard and waited patiently for 1940 to come an continued practicing.

One day in 1938 during army training his right hand was badly injured, as one faulty grenade exploded right in his hand. He was taken to hospital and proper treatment was done, but Doctors couldn’t save his Right Hand.

His was disappointed, but was very determined.

He secretly started training himself with left hand. He didn’t tell anyone a word about his training.

In 1939 he surprised every player by winning “Hungarian National Pistol Championship”. Now he was very hopeful that could achieve his Life mission of winning medal at Olympic.

Second_World_WarBut Luck seems to be moved from his side. 1940 Olympics was cancelled due to Second World War. He was very disappointed but was adamant and waited for another 4 years for the Olympics. But 1944 Olympic was also cancelled due to Second World War.

He was now growing old, younger players were doing really well in all fields. Now he has a competition to face, a real competition of Young world. But he was adamant.

1948 Summer Olympics was scheduled, it was to be held at London. Aged 38 Karoly Takacs participated at the Olympics. Crowd and other players, were looking at him as mercy. But he surprised everyone by winning a Gold Medal and setting up a World Record. His only Life dream, and he has achieved it.

Karoly_Takac_gold_medalHe did not stop here at Participated in 1952 Summer Olympics held at Helsinki. And again he won Gold medal. He was of age 42 years, and he was “Differently Abled” (disabled), with one hand. The hand which was his main hand (as he was righty). In 1958 he again participated in the ISSF World Shooting Championships in 25 metre center-fire pistol and won. He has altogether won 35 Hungarian national shooting championships.

He later became coach and help younger player to achieve medals and their Life Goals. He died on 5th January 1976.

Now just look at your self, and imagine. What are your dreams and why you would not be able to achieve it. What is stoping you.


Please do remember “Success Comes with Hard Work and Dedication toward it”. If he (Karoly Takacs), can achieve what he want, with just one hand. Imagine what you could do with your both hands.

I hope you must be feeling motivated and inspired now.

Share this article to your near and dear one’s and spread a motivated world around.

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