World most difficult | dangerous and Exciting mountain trail on Earth

As the headline of this article suggest, it is actually the world most difficult | dangerous and exciting mountain trail on earth. But after completing this journey, the end awaits a pleasure for only those who dares. This trail is only recommended to those who like adventure and are really brave, I mean really really brave.

World most difficult | dangerous and Exciting mountain trail on Earth

Mount Hua is the name of the mountain, which is located near the city of Huavin in Shaanxi province. This mountain is the western mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China and has a long history of religious significance.

Mount Hua Trail 1

Now let me explain you why it is scariest, adventurous and exciting.

Now the trail starts with the stairs, which is visible in the above picture, and it is just the start, does it looks easy to you then you need to read more and see more pictures.

Mount Hua trail 2

Only few thousand from all across the globe visit here and try these treks.

Mount Hua trek 3

After thousand such stairs, you would feel exhausted, still this is just the start of your journey.

Mount Hua trek 4

People rest on these stairs from time to time, even if you slip a bit, no one can guarantee your life.

Mount Hua trek 5

Then starts the real climbing. There are wooden paths being attached with mountains and you need to hold the chain and walk very carefully as even a single mis-step can cost you your Life.

Mount Hua trek 6

Each and every step count. Each step needs to be taken carefully and very precisely.

Mount Hua trek 7

These are wooden planks being placed and hooked with iron inside the mountain. They are reliable and people do trust them. Or else what option do they have.

Mount Hua trek 9


Mount Hua trek 10

Well still is it looking easy to you, then perhaps looking from different angels would make you sweat. See the below pictures:

Mount Hua trek 12

Mount Hua trek 13

When you can see clouds below your feet, then the actual feel would come. People with height phobia, can not take such risks. But those who love adventure, this is once a life time trek.

Mount Hua trek 18

One question must be coming to your mind. That where does this trek would end. What is at the top. The answer would surprise you. It’s just the “Chinese Tea”, situated at the top. Also a temple which has many religious value.

Mount Hua trek top view


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Well that cup of Tea must worth having, because the journey itself has lot to cope up with. Very few dared to visit this amazing place. But those who have actually visited this place, must have a story to tell to the world, and actual brave story.

Here’s the video, for completing the story and make you visualize more accurately:

Hope you like reading this and if you do, please share this great amazing place to the world, let’s see whom amongst us are the brave one’s.

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Video Credits:  TheMiyaworld

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