World Most Powerful and Creative Award winning Print Advertisement Collections

In today’s world every Brand wish to market its product in such a manner that the message is strong and the advertisement is being liked by the audience. The ads play with our emotion, it fascinates us and attracts us towards something which is mostly unknown to us.

World Most Powerful and Creative Award winning Print Advertisement Collections

There are Creative Advertisement agencies that does the all. Each and every Ad campaign is being designed in such a manner that it creates a long lasting impression and conveys the Brand motive to end users. Needless to mention that they are paid heavily for creating these.


Following are the collections of worlds most famous print advertisement, by the advertising agencies, which are not only Powerful and Creative but has created a real good long lasting impact:

Brand                    Chupa Chups

Creative AgencyDDB Worldwide

Chupa Chups Advertisement


Brand                     –

Creative Agency –  DDB&CO. – Istanbul, Turkey

WWF shard advertisement


Brand                        Orion Telescopes

Creative Agency    Texas Creative, University of Texas, USA

Orion Telescopes


Brand                            – King Khalid Foundation

Advertising AgencyMemac Ogilvy

Kind Khalid foundation ogilvy advertisement


Brand                             – Moms Demand Action

Advertising Agency  – Grey Advertising – Canada



Brand                           –  Pepsi

Advertising AgencyBuzz in a Box – Brussels

Pepsi advertisement buzz in a box


Brand                            –  Oogmerk

Advertising Agency  – LG&F – Brussels

LG&F advertising for oogmerk

Brand                            Tzomet Sfarim Bookstore: Faceabook

Advertising Agency  Brickman Ramat Gan

Faceabook advertisement book store


Brand                            Nivea Men

Advertising Agency  Jung von Matt – Germany

Nivea men advertisement by Jung von Matt


Brand                           – Hut Weber

Advertising Agency – Serviceplan Hamburg – Germany

hut weber advertisement by serviceplan


Brand                           McDonalds

Advertising Agency DDB, Sydney

McDonalds advertisement


Brand                           Mastercard

Advertising Agency MacLAREN McCANN

Mastercard advertisement by MacLAREN


Brand                           Kielo Travel

Advertising Agency New Moment New Ideas Company

Keilo travel advertisement by New Moments


Brand                           Fedex

Advertising Agency DDB Worldwide- Brazil

Fedex advertisement by DDB worldwide


Brand                           Stronger Marriage

Advertising Agency Richter7

Stronger Marriages advertisement by Richter7


Brand                           Omax

Advertising Agency Publicis India

Omax lense advertisement by publicis India


Brand                           Ecovia

Advertising Agency Terremoto Propaganda

Advertisement by Teerremoto Propagandas for ecovia


Brand                           Guinness

Advertising Agency Amvbbdo

Guinness advertisement of being responsible


Brand                           Durex

Advertising Agency The Jupiter Drawing Room

Durex advertsement by the jupiter


These are some of the collections which are really famous across the world. Hope you like it.

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