World’s BEST Advertisement ever..PERSIL- Hats Off.. Nobody can beat this!!!

We have seen many advertisements by big big brands. They use catchy and attractive lines, creative billboards, effective communication but I bet you yourself would say that PERSIL is something beyond awesomeness.

World’s BEST Advertisement ever..PERSIL- Hats Off.. Nobody can beat this!!!

Before showing you this best ad, let me give you a small brief about Persil. Persil is a laundry detergent by Henkel based in Germany,UK. But now, starting from manufacturing to distribution and for marketing even everything is being handled by Unilever. In other countries, it might not be so famous but in Ireland and United Kingdom, Persil is a well known even premium brand of Unilever.


Without wasting much of your time on history geography of Persil, lets come to their magnificent ad to promote thier stain remover detergent bottle.


JUST LOOK at this Green bottle for 10 to 15 seconds without looking anywhere else and you will see the difference.


One more ad for stain from Wine.

Persil_wineOne last for Curry and you will find vanishing Curry from there.


I am sure many of you haven’t seen this ad before and you would love to share this outstanding ad to your friends as sharing helps to grow together.


Don’t know whether this product has boomed in the market or not but they have made a really best ads to show their strength.


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