World’s top 3 Dangerous and Deadly Race tracks – Breath taking

Rash driving is becoming a trend in today’s world. A 10 year old kid or 40 year old man, drives so fast as if they are preparing themselves for biggest International race. Well, there could be ‘n’ number of reasons behind that. Sometimes passion, show off, ego satisfaction, to impress someone n what not.

World’s top 3 Dangerous and Deadly Race tracks – Breath taking

But despite of all that, witnessing world’s most dangerous and deadly racing would be a precious memory that lasts forever. Doesn’t matter, if it is an official or illegal racing, people love to go and participate. Here, sharing with you World’s top 3 dangerous racing tracks where tracks are not just well established, in fact they are way out of imagination.


  1. Dakar Rally


Dakar rally held every year and being organized by Amaury Sports Organization. It has been in the operations from 1979. From 2009 till now, it is being run in South America covering 700 miles. The reason being in the top list is that the race is not on modified roads rather the race is being conducted on off-road which is much more tougher than other races. Not only off-road, they include mud, sand dunes, camel grass, rocks and much more that you even can’t imagine.


On top of that, this rally doesn’t only include motorbikes or only cars or only trucks, nut it includes all of the vehicles together and that is what makes it more difficult and dangerous.


dakar race track
Dakar race track


Collision On race
Collision On race


car in water
car in water


Here is the Video that would amaze you with their unique and insane race track where trucks, cars, motorbikes all run like hell.



2. Isle Of Man TT ( Tourist Trophy )

This is the world’s top dangerous and oldest Motorbike racing event. It has been started from 1907 and has been registered as most dangerous road race event. These are the lines said by one of its participant who won this race 23 times. John McGuinness said “The TT is the biggest most dangerous thing for me and I have my family around me for it”. 242 deaths have already registered till now but race goes on and on.

Isle Of man TT
Bike racer TT


Isle of Man tourist trophy
Side road race

The reason to be on top is that this event occurred on normal public roads which is closed while racing. There is nothing well established road with security. They went through 200 to 300 bends across and many more hurdles in between. It covers almost 37.73 miles. It started from the south coast region of Douglas and cover west and then north and then to finish, they reach again to the starting point.



3. 24 Hours of Le Mans

Again a breath taking race track which is held since 1923 in the town of France, Le Mans. This race is among all top automobiles and it is famous as ” Grand Prix Of Endurance and Efficiency”. We have heard of many accidents in almost every race but the most painful and deadly crash ever happened in the history of racing has witnessed here.


It was the time of 1955, when Pierre Levegh, driving Mercedes-Benz hit a grandstand and he killed himself on the spot and along with 83 spectators. This crash not only took the racer but also a huge number of spectators.


Why it is 24 hours because the award goes to that driver who covers the most of the miles over 24 hours in a certain series of categories. They keep on running day and night. This race is not about only racers measuring their speed but they also focus on car brands and their reliability. Most win car till now is Porche.


Porche car at 24 hours Le Mans
Porche car at 24 hours Le Mans


Porche car at 24 hours Le Mans
Porche car at 24 hours Le Mans


night view
Night view

Here is the highlight of the race:

Hope we have shared in the best way we can and make all road-side racers aware that yes they have a good scope and improvement to win these races. Actually, winning is a different thing altogether, participating even makes you feel good.

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