CTM - One Solution

ONE Solution – CTM can make your Skin Glow in 7 days

Don’t be scared of this term CTM. It is not any scientifically or genetically prepared cosmetic which would harm your skin. In fact, CTM means Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. All you need is a personal care and time for your beautiful skin.

ONE Solution – CTM can make your Skin Glow in 7 days


Doesn’t matter how old you are, your skin needs basic care. You really can’t ignore dust or smoke or traffic around you but yes you can protect your skin from these by doing little effort which could probably safeguard you. You can easily make your skin glow like a pearl in juts 7 days, only when you take care regularly.

Three simple steps and you are done!!


1. Cleansing : Cleansing is very effective way of removing dust from your skin. First wash off your face with a good facewash. Remember Face wash will only remove dust not impurities.

Take cotton and dip into fresh milk or you can purchase any cleanser ( Easily available in market ) and apply it on your face gently. Remove it off with dry cotton after couple of minutes. Wash your face again with plain water.


2. Toning : Glycolic acid is good for all types of skin. If you are unable to find, then you could go for other toners available in the market. ( Choose wisely as you are going to apply on your face )

For natural toning, you can mix cucumber juice and yogurt in equal ratio and apply it all over your face. This is for Dry and normal skin. And, if you are struggling with your Oily skin, you need to mix egg white and honey and few drops of fresh lemon juice would be an added advantage.

Remove it all in upward direction to make it more effective.


3. Moisturizing : Moisturizing is must for your skin as it helps to remain its softness and smoothness naturally. This would require little care so wash your hands first. Apply moisturizer in circular motion and in upward direction.


So, now you have done justice to your skin and make it alive.

After spending most of your time in office and running through tension, this is what your skin needs from you.

I recommend #Nutriderm cleanser and #Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water as a toner.

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