anti aging formula

Anti Aging formula for all skin types

Here, I will tell you the most effective secret of my grandmother that how she has prevented herself long from being aged. I have seen her using this and so far it has been proved the best Anti Aging Formula for all skin types.

Getting older is one of the bitter truth we have in this world. Nobody wants to look old and specially before age. Unfortunately we don’t have any remote control for this. But, we can reduce it by taking extra care.

Anti Aging formula for all skin types


Though we have many natural things to apply and and countless cosmetic products are available in the market, but we want something which actually works. Therefore, choosing from n number of remedies ( Natural and Cosmetic ), finally extracts the real and genuine formula.


So to begin, you just need three things and you are all set for it.

  • Take almost two spoons of curd in a clean bowl. ( Fresh curd is preferred )
  • Mix one table spoon of honey into it.
    honey drop
  • After this, one last thing to add i.e Banana. Take only half of banana and mash it into the mixture.
  • Mix it well. ( Mix it till you ended up with fine and smooth paste )


( Hope you are ready to apply )

  • Don’t wait and apply it on your face for around 15 to 20 minutes. After that, clean it off with the help of Luke warm water ( Luke warm water is preferred otherwise you can use normal pain water to clean )
  • Apply moisturizer.
    If you ask my recommendation, I will recommend Nutriderm as a best Moisturizer as it suits all skin types.
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Believe me, this is the real and time saving technique.

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Now, Stay young and feel young


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