Food is important for every age group. Kids going to school have their minds on their lunch boxes. It’s so important to give them nothing but healthy. Kids always like something new every time they open their boxes.

That’s where creative moms show their skills. To give their child the healthiest food. But kids don’t like healthy every time. They want the tastiest food, junk food. Being a mom is next to impossible. But when it comes to their child they work hard to give them the tastiest food for them. Healthier on the contrary.

Here are the recipes you can follow for your kids to be the super mom. Instant cooking in less time and has the best taste. 

PANCAKES- SEMOLINE –  Take Rava and curd, and mix it well. Keep it aside for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Then put vegetables in it. Regular amount of salt and spread in the pan. you can use ghee or oil. Make an uttapam, and foil it in their box. 

Moongdal chilla– Chilla is ever-tasting. Take moong dal, soak it a day before at night. The next morning just gets up and grinds it. Make a paste of it and add a bit of turmeric powder and salt to it. For making it spicy just add a few herbs to it. Spread it on the greased pan on low flame. 

Bread Besan Toast– kids love bread. But bread is not healthy stuff to be taken every day. Keep it in different ways. take the bread and add a liquid paste of besan with water. Put bread in it and add a small amount of cornflour to make it crunchy. You can bake it or fry it. You can add additional peppers, and onions to give it more taste and a french flavor. 

Masala toast sandwich– bread recipes are easy and this one is for kids. Kids love spicy and mothers love healthy. The masala toast sandwich is three layered sandwiches. Coat the first layer with mayonnaise and the lower layer with sauce. Add masala potato mixture in the middle of it. Cook it in a pan and serve it to your kid. 

Paneer cheese toast– take paneer and make a crumb of it. Add spices and salt to it. Take bread and fill the paneer stuff into it. Soak the bread before adding the stuff into it to hold it properly. Give it a fry and it’s ready to serve.

Pulao– Pulao is normal but adding flavor to it makes it tastier to eat. Add spices and vegetables to make it healthy. Add dry fruits and put them in the cooker. Cook it according to the amount you need, and add ghee above it for the fragrance and taste. Put it in the Tiffen and you are done. 

Mix Rawa upma – the yummiest of all. Upma is already there in the market but you can also make it at home. Take suji or rawa and water to it. Add chopped vegetables to it. Be it capsicum, carrot, beans, or corn. Now take the pan and give it a ghee fry. Keep it in a low flame so it to not get stuck. fry it until you don’t find any lumps and water. Serve it hot. 

Poha – the dish of Madhya Pradesh. Poha is famous all around. you can have both salt and sugar poured. Whichever your kid likes the most. Take flattened rice flakes and soak them for five minutes. Then put oil in a pan and add onion to it. You can add other stuff like garlic in the beginning. Then add poha to it. Mix it well and add salt and turmeric powder to it. you can also add namkeen to it. It brings the best of it. 

Vegetable maggie- who doesn’t like maggie? But is it what one takes as lunch? You can make it healthy. For kids, Maggie is their love. You can add vegetables to it. Kids are gonna love vegetable-loaded maggie. It will be easy to make and healthy to eat. Give it once or twice a week.

Idli with chutney– idly is the most loved lunch ever. Eating aw idli is too yummy. With sauce or with chutney of your choice. Making batter of it a day before. Soak it in curd to make it soft. Put the batter in the idli cooker and let it bake. You can serve it with coconut chutney or green chutney. You can also fry idli with mustard seeds and curry leaves. For giving it a Chinese look you can add sauces to it. Adding sauce will give it a different look and yummy. 

Kids are very choosy. Their likeness changes like the weather. Today day is like one thing and the next day they need a different one. They cannot stick to one. You need to have a variety to make them happy. They become fussy when they don’t eat properly.

They gonna eat only what they like the most. So as a parent one need to make a balance of it. Having a tasty component and a  healthy one is a must. Kids are not fond of paratha and sabzi every time. So they need something junk every time. but that can’t happen. When it comes to their health moms get super active.

These recipes surely going to help you all to make your kids happy. Having a great meal at lunch will make them more active while studying. In a class or after class. Giving a light meal at lunch is helpful for them to do other exercises with full energy. The correct amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and nutrients is so important. To make their growing body fit and active. 



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