A Systematic study is neccessary in framing. Education is an important weapon used to build the mass structure. Every student somehow gets learnings in day-to-day life. Well, indeed, one can not recognize everything. there is a pattern that always works to follow your daily schedule. 

Our memories are very vast, it learns quickly. Also comprise tasks on which to keep and which to discard.  As a student one need to learn time management to be successful in life. There is always a way, a technique, and a path to follow.

We all have the same time zone and just need to be focused. It’s always said to make resolutions in the new year. one can make a new target daily and achieving it will make them a step closer. 

Few tips one needs to follow 

Set the platform

A good mindset is required to study. First of all, a timetable set is the key. Late night sleep, afternoons get up, skipping healthy foods all these won’t help. So get up and eat healthily, drink water, take shower and sit in a place. Set one corner of your living area and keep all your material there.

Make it your cozy corner. Keep it clean. Set all your books and stationery. 

Proper sleep is a must. The study says sleeping seven to eight hrs. per day is required by each student body. If you are not at home then surf for a better place with a good environment. A coffee shop, library, or a place to study. A change of environment can motivate and help in concentrating.  

Do not switch from subject to subject. Start with the one you like the most. The portion which you are interested in. stick in the surroundings which you find the best and stick to it. A bit of pressure and zeal are important to push towards your goal.

Listening to soothing music in between breaks to calm. One work at a time should be the task. Your brain is a multitasker for a smaller period. One needs to do one task and then switch to other. You are not a machine to have multiple screens opening at the same time. So do what you like and leave the rest for afterward. 

While studying try to keep distractions away from you. Silent your mobile phones, tv, or any other annoying gadgets. Make a small task, if you are a phone addict then make a self-target. Decide to complete a chapter or a section and then use mobile for 5 minutes.

Try to eat fruits to have better and more refreshing concept ideas 

There are few theoretical ideas of systematic studies which might help in building a path for a better study.

SQ3R METHOD  stands for SURVEY, QUESTION, READ, RECITE, REVIEW. This method is specially designed to give a process of the authentic study strategy. 

SURVEY- it means making a flow chart of the headlines, subheads, and small para phrase keywords. To have a list of headings which you have to know while reading the whole text. 

QUESTION – read the question parts to know what all things it comprises. What it’s all about and the key parameters to learn in the chapter. 

READ– let’s start from the beginning. Start reading aloud to avoid your brain getting distracted by any other stuff. 

RECITE– after reading the content try to summarize it on what you understand. Make pointers of what you remember. Try to answer the questions. start writing it down to have a clear picture of it. 

REVIEW– once you have now gone through the chapter, it’s now your turn to set everything accordingly. The list you made at the first point check it out. Read the topic and revive yourself about what you learned from this.

A pattern study is very important. It makes a student capable of following a systematic order. The  Retrieval Practice – the concept of this practice came to check the ability of remembering for long time.

It’s always said by our parents to revise in the morning . have you ever thought why? It’s because at morning, when you get up you are at your peak of energy. Its effective in remembering most of things.

While practicing try to write it down so you have  a better knowledge of what you wanna convey. Following this pattern will help you to learn now and keep it inside your head for a longer time.  Work on practice sheets, write multiple times.

Try to come up with different questions which you think is worth knowing to others. Solve it, keep coming up with different answers perspective. Use small cards to write different aspects of answers.  Check it again whether you are right or wrong.


Spaced Practice – It is when you study for long hours and now you have completed multiple things.  When you sit and think about what you studies you will forget everything so start writing, while writing you get remember everything.

Start writing what you remember  along with the new ideas that comes up in your mind. Make a habit of reading it after an interval of time. Like start continue revising for consecutive 3 days and the make a day .

Revise it and write it. Its important to have a schedule on your hand. While having a pre planned gist of everything will make it easy to manage your time. 

The system of school study is very fixed. To study each subject for an hour. The college lectures are also like that. Having a particular set of books to read. It helps in breaking the diverse condition and keeping it short to understand.

While studying one needs to have an aim. To know why one is reading this. What are the key points and achieving from the zone. Whatever you are writing, make sure you can read it afterwards. Sometimes bad or messy notes are a waste of time because you cannot recognize them later.

Try to make your notes more creative. Use different pens or color pens to make it appealing. Do not make it full color, just the important stuffs.

Studying continuing, one should take five minutes of break in between. If you are studying through a laptop, full time on screen your eyes need a break. Just get up for five minutes and do jumping jack or watch natural surrounding.


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