To tackle baby wounds without giving them pain.

We all have kids in our homes. They are always in a joyful mood. Always  enthusiastic and want to play every time. constantly they are curious to find out every corner. They are so sensitive and met in small accidents. Their skin and Body need extra care. 

Read further to know more about how to treat such incidents that occur so often. Without giving them much pain.

Infants and Baby wounds

What a wound means if we look at its meaning by dictionary – it says the injury which involves breaking of a membrane, a tissue is what wound is all about. 

Human body is composed of tissues made of cells. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It prevents and saves us from dust, bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the environment. They stop it from entering our bodies.  Our tissue get broken when we come across an accident. Our bodies get in direct contact with the environment. The opening gives chances for germs in entering our body.

This always leads to infection. One needs to get the treatment done before it expands in our body.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Every parents and guardian want to save their little one from such a problem. Kids oftentimes get hurt, but few impacts we see throughout life. There are a few best treatments to rescue our little one to have a forever impact on this wound. 


When a kid gets hurt, it bleeds. You can stop and cure it at your home without getting panic. With proper dressing, you can have the best. 

Since we are talking about kids, you need to be clean and sanitize yourself. Then apply a clean bandage or cotton to clean the wound. Make sure it stops bleeding. Keep it straight and opposite to the flow of blood to stop the blood.

Once the blood flow is stopped.

Wash it lightly with water to remove the dirt. Take lukewarm water and soak in a cloth, keep on the wound gently.

Take a normal baby cream and apply it. You can use medicated cream which is light. Now place a bandage over it.

After every interval applies the cream. Do not use the cream on open wounds or if the cell is broken.       

How to handle during healing tenure.

At times we see the wounds get reddish and swollen. although it becomes unbearable to deal with the latest days of injury. It does not always mean that there is a certain problem. The wound is healing now. During the process, keep cleaning the wound and follow the process of the treatment.

It will then take less time to heal. After a few days, you will see the injury covered in light brown color. It means the injury is covered with a protective layer. Now after some time, your new tissue will generate by itself. Then the protective layer will automatically remove.

It will show the new skin. during the process do not forget that your little one needs a proper diet. Kids are dependent upon the vitamins and minerals they take. If the injury is over the face or head immediately concern the doctor. 


Kids’ skin is very sensitive and it gets hurt in the first layer when it is met with a sharp object. For those with deep cuts, we need instant striches. How to get easy striches for kids during such time. Since it goes through the skin. With the dark and visible veins.

It will be 0.5 inches in between. Have patience, the blood will stop. if the injury or the cuts are dense immediately look for the doctor.

Few conditions for closing a cut immediately. If you see the cut is deep, it requires different types of Skin glue is the cream that needs to be applied over a close injury. When the wound is completely closed by the tissues, you can apply it. Pediatricians usually allow users to take it. The Baby’s wounds get covered with membranes.

You can always opt out for Home remedies to get rid of scars naturally. Click here to know how.

Take the skin glue as the best option. It is not for the stitches. Since stitches take some time to dissolve in kids’ conditions. The use of skin glue is for open cuts. It is quick and with minimum pain.

The butterfly bandages- the Steri strips also called a butterfly bandage. These strips can be applied over the cuts of small babies. It is normally used for small cuts or small injuries. Easily you can apply it to your little ones.

Deep wounds 

If the wound is deep you need to get them stitched. stitches are usually painful and require patience while getting done. One stitch required an after-interval cutting. Another stitch for kids is which gets dissolved with time. The absorbable stitches are generally easier since you don’t have to go again for their removal.

For those cuts in which hair is involved, most of the time doctors suggest staples. The staple can only be done by doctors. It’s a bit painful. But with time it heals the cut. 


The hard surface, usually the skin stays there for longer. The hard surface doesn’t get removed easily. Elbows or knees even palms also get such scrapes. 

The treatment of the scrapes is below- when your baby gets in any injury they cry. Before getting panic, you need to calm down your kid. It’s ok, it happens. Kids’ skins are very sensitive and they will bleed immediately. You need to apply pressure.

Rinse the wound and pressure it till it stops bleeding. You can also use baby hand wash to clean it. Apply gel to make it normal for the kid.

Use cloth or wipes to remove the dust and dirt from there. Apply recovery cream to lighten baby skin. Cover the area to avoid it from getting infected. Some wounds heal and do not leave a scar. At times we have seen a few kids having scars.

Adult saying I got this scar when I was too small. They get a such injury. When a wound starts to heal, it replenishes itself. Over the injury, it converts into brown skin. The brown skin is the dead cells. Gradually the brown scrab will fall without pain.

Then you can say that the wounds have completely healed themselves. The kid’s skin will be back to normal. You will not find a scare after a few days.

There are few remedies to diminishing the scars completely. The homemade process are-

Apply Coconut oil very gently four or five times per day. Massage with coconut oil on the wound softly will lead to the diminishing of scars. The coconut oil act as moisture between the new cell and the oil one. It will mix on the wound.

Apply aloe vera gel to the wound. You can apply it four or five times a day. Aloe vera is said to be anti-bacterial and fungal protected. It won’t lead injury to get any infections. It will also help in removing the scars.

If the wound gets swells, apply hot water to give it a massage. 

You never know what’s coming next for you. You need to be prepared for everything. As parents keep your first aid box up to date. Because you need it anytime.


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