List Of 10 Best Schools In India 


LIST OF 10 BEST SCHOOLS IN INDIA. Best schools isn’t a term very confusing. India is a country with billions of billions. More than thousands of schools. Choosing the best for kids is important for each and every parent. Indian premier schools have the concept of teaching the kids the best education. Not just bookish language but also the way of thinking and ensuring a bright future.

The top-ranking schools have proven themselves in creating a great future for young minds. Educating them to explore worldwide great educational institutes. Below are the top-ranking schools in India.


In the year 2000 the Asian educational charitable society. It is one of the renowned and gem boarding schools. From class is a nursery to 12 runs under the CBSE board. School is not just confined to the studies but also to each and every co-curricular activity.

THE ASIAN SCHOOL IN DEHERADUNTo bring the best from a child there are special coaching classes around the world. If a person is dedicated to their future then they grow accordingly. The accommodation health outing transportation care of.

Looking for the mountain surrounding the sides large area. In adition with multiple hostels and buildings for different sports and activities. The school provides the best residential facilities. Along with tasty food having all varieties of dishes from India.


The catholic school of boys was established in the year 1860. The school was a private English medium are only for boys. Jesuits  comment the school to give education to all the Catholic boys. Later on, the school was open to everyone without discriminating against any other religion. The school comprises and gets affiliated with CISCE and ISCE also compatible with West Bengal Board.

Furthermore Students are given choice to choose their curriculum for their higher studies. There is been a mid-term examination for Class 10th and 12th in the school. Being the first in our country the school provides many facilities and activities for students.

The curricular activities such as photography and Sports activities like quizzes are on weekly basis. For kids to showcase their talent they are a number of Creative labs.


Better known for girls school Martinaire has been successfully named itself for good and excellent education. For the all-round development of every child and to make them capable citizens.

The field of academic and co-curricular activities are parallel to each other. The School follows the blended learning pattern to let the child down rooted and rise high. The pattern follows of ICSE curriculum.

To think rationally and never forget about our past. With different clubs for activities and different sports grounds. Along with swimming pool auditoriums, different sports auditoriums and varieties of Laboratories for different fields are there.

Delhi Public School New Delhi Vasant Kunj

Affiliated to CBSE situated in the year 1991 Delhi Public School is a joint in itself. The co-educational center with day-come boarding facilities. It allowed kids to explore the mass culture of education. The one of the best schools in Vasant Kunj. which has multiple branches around India. classes running from nursery to 12th. with high technology and equipped classrooms. Offers many many facilities along with sports activities to the students.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul international school is situated in Hyderabad

The school day comes with boarding facilities for boys. it is one of the prestigious schools showcasing a better career for boys. Formed in the year 1994 in Hyderabad affiliated with CBSE. The Lost green ground surrounded the campus of 35 acres. It the well equipped in all the facilities with the best faculties.

Mumbai the Bombay Scottish School

It with affiliated CISCE since the year 1847. The co-educational center is on the classes in Mumbai. Focusing on personality development and building up their great mindset for the upcoming hurdles of life. Having the phenomenon of Advanced placement programs where the students for provided different colleges for the field they opt for. The infrastructure inside the buildings is full-fledged for Little to Senior Secondary one.

Sainik School

Ghorakhal is one of the boarding schools established in the year 1966 in the city of Gorakhal. Situated in the mountain City of Uttarakhand school is co-educational. Expansion over 477 acres PC affiliated school has full-fledged courses of sports. From tennis to the football field to volleyball courts with hockey ground and along with a multipurpose stadium the School has showcased itself in each and every beat. Accommodation and food are taken care of. To look after each in every student having a home away from home.

Bangalore the Greenwood International High School

it was established in the year 2004 with the curriculum of IGCSE ICSE and IB the Bangalore School is the best presidential and day boarding school. With the different affiliation the national School focus on the overall development structure of every student. Having different multimedia rooms with numerous books, visual classes, and blended learning facilities, it has much more to serve every student.

Indore Emerald Heights International School


1984 is the foundation stone of the Indore Emerald Heights International School. With the pattern of co-educational and  boarding school. Not just focusing on Academics and books besides also making students  equally dedicated towards co-curricular activity. The first English medium along with co-education in Madhya Pradesh. The School has many facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, science labs, auditoriums and many more.

Gwalior The Scindia school


One of the best schools was founded in the year 1897. This School School focuses on overall educational studies for the student along with encouraging them for getting into different sports activities. The 10 acres of land area includes all kinds of ground and sports activities. It has maintained and well-infrastructred classrooms from the Windows you can see the mesmerizing Gwalior Fort. The school follows the CBSE curriculum.

In our life School place a very important role in shaping our brain. In our country India we have end number of schools from which one can achieve education. Development opportunities are to enhance and create the mindset and better career options for students. Not only confined to this they are aditional  schools which enhance their skills and knowledge. To give their best to each and every student.


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