Up in the blue sky it’s just a dream to be there.

SKY DIVING No, seeing tiny humans rolling in that limitless sky with jubilant smile is what sky diving gives. Sky diving the only way to enjoy the thrill of life. But it is not only about the fun of life. It’s also about the culture and tradition which is coming along with it from ancient time. 


The United States Parachuting Association defines skydiving as a original ‘Extreme Sport’. It also call as gravity sports, some lump in with adventure sports. During skydiving the key element is the aircraft and the parachute. Aircraft can be anything that can lift up to a certain height.  That one can jump from there , like hot air balloon, paraglide, microlight etc. The later one parachute should be present of any kind. One carries two parachutes in case if the first one didn’t work then one must has the backup or the reverse for that.


Time spent in the air is the most dazzling feeling, full of thrill and exquisiteness. It’s the time when falling is below flying and that’s what makes the difference. Free in the bound world it’s just endlessly one sees only the extraordinary world from the airspace. Easily using the body surface to gather the power of aerodynamics and hence quickly move and control in the sky. Getting the aircraft to a higher altitude which will help in staying for a little longer in the sky. Much higher than 4000 m requires oxygen as well as oxygen in a bottle for very high dives. One can enjoy it solo or with a team as a part. 


Skydiving is basically the total time spent in the air just after the fall from the aircraft and till one is not able to access the parachute.

But at the same time the sky diving includes some of the important measures.  The accurate opening of the canopy formation then perfect landing and the timeline for landing. The device attached in our parachutes will tell the speed of our falling. Also can tell whether it is correct or we shouldn’t.


Our body feels and senses every tiny seconds of change while off from the airplane until we stand back on our feet. Looking at the world from a new point as it looks on a map. Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in the galaxy.  Smelling fresh air, cool fragments of fragrance and far away from the crowd you face every day and pollution.

Hearing thunderous  rush of air and at that moment one would be unable to talk but as soon the parachute gets open it will be quiet. Feeling the change in temperature whereby even in the hot day above in the sky it’s cooler. The wind will be like the resistance from your freefall speed and feels like pressure.

Further the emotional feeling would be really different , all the sense organs are working to set in that surrounding and so the mind thinks of eternal bliss, focused, confident and much more happy to fly like a bird.

 To conquer fear and to be brave.

Getting surprises in life while dong SKYDIVING


Skydivers fly in the open sky-  looking up at the endless sky and wishing that for once they really want to fly, skydiving is the best way out for that.  Moving in the sky back, forth or side by side with the quick rule of aerodynamics through which skydivers fly.

There is no going back once the parachute is open while sky diving

Once it is open in the free falling state once cannot reverse it . It looks like staying there but in reality it is falling at a very constant speed.

Priority of life comes first for safety. There is a tracking device- Automatic Activation Device, as there is a slight reason for one to collide with another and at time of solo drive there are little chances of getting health problems.

There are some perfect spots to do skydiving such as  Waialua, USA with skydive Hawaii – the most astonishing place to drop off from the height of 12000, 14000 or even 20000. Just after a few minutes of instruction, you will be free to enjoy the fresh breath views and sluggishly come closer to the planet. Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates with Skydive Dubai – making a reservation two months before to drop on the palm island Dubai. Watching the Burj Al Arab area and the ironic Palm Island from the aerial view.

Mount Everest, Nepal with Everest Skydive – this would be the greatest experience one could ever take to free fall from Mount Everest from a helicopter at the height of 23000 feet falling to the base camps.

 Key West, U.S.A. with Skydive Key West – shooting the view of the great Florida reef, Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico apparently the most beautiful places ever.

Livingstone, Zambia with Victoria Falls Adventures – the most mind-blowing fall is to fall over the largest waterfall. The Victoria Fall, falling there needs only some courage.

The free fall feeling left with us for a lifetime. The pleasure of minutes remains with us and it never really ends. The higher the altitude the longer you will spend on the endless sky and the more you create memories. It is certainly obvious that when one is falling, it is getting so close to the earth and that feeling may make one skip a beat but as soon as you open the parachute it shows that you are still alive.

This feeling is such uncertain and unfamiliar, falling from height. Those who already jumped say that it feels like anything and those who don’t, it is a chance to go and fall without limits.  Fall free .




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