ARE TRAVELING SAFE – CYRUS MISTRY  A great Indian businessman died in a CAR CRASH  accident.

Cyrus Pallonji Mistry was born on 4th of july 1968. As you know about the Tata group of industry. He was the chairman of Tata from 2012 to 2016. In the 6th ranking he stands and 2nd in not using the surname tata. The panel member of the company decided for mistry to head the company. Late in the same year he took his charge as the chairman. After a few years a board of member decided to remove cyrus mistry from his pot. The member majority vote gets into removal.

In between the period ratan tata was the interim chairman. Later on natarajan chandrasekaren was named as new chairperson of tata industres. The appointment of chandrashekaran was said illegal by the NATIONAL COMPANY LAW APPELLATE TRIBUNAL – NCLAT. Cycrus mistry got back on his position.

He was the owner and manager of his company cyrus investments private limited. He owns 18.4% stake in the tata sons company. His total net worth is $29 billion the time when he died.


Unfortunately he died in an car accident. On september 4th 2022 he was going to mumbai from ahemdabad. With the total net worth amount, he became on of the richest person in the country when he died.



Cyrus mistry was born to a Parsi family. They lived in bombay for years. His mother was from ireland. His father was the indian billionaire pallonji mistry. He was also known as the construction magnet. His parents were zoroastrian. They reside in India and have their roots here. His elder brother got married having an irish citizenship to Behroze sethna.

The palonji family had a deep root in the business world. An active member over the century. In the year 1930, shapoorji mistry acquired a stake in the tata industry. It was the first time someone acquired this huge percent stake.66% of the stake is under tata sons. It is controlled by the charitable trust of the family.  His education was from south mumbai and then switched to london. Completing his study as civil engineer. Joined london business school and excel in management. In the year 1966 he was awarded for the same.

Cyrus Mistry entry in the TATA SONS

In the year 2006 he joined the board of members. Later after a year his father retired from the journey. When mistry became the chairman of tata sons he held all the major tata companies.

The supreme court of India ordered tata sons to not push minority shareholders in the company. According to company law article 25. On 28th june 2022, Cyrus mistry’s father pallonji mistry died. 

The structural work of the company was in increasing order since Cyrus Mistry had taken over. He started taking on big projects on the field. They started taking the work of  power plants, buildings and factories. Expanding overseas and working inter countries.  In the middle east companies and africa too.

The indian news showcase the cyrus mistry as a first non indian to have acquire such a huge position. But the truth is cyrus mistry is born and brought up in mumbai. Played in the streets of mumbai . went to school their.

He is relatively connected to the tata sons. He has the Irish citizenship which he had from his mother. Cyrus mistry resigned from his parents company. His brother became the chairperson of the company.


When cyrus mistry was appointed as the chaiperson of tata sons group. Current tata group which is comprise of more than 100 of companies. The top leading in the is the great britain jaguar land rover and the corus group . it also include the major european steel producer and the transporter. At the time when mistry was removed from the tata chairman, he went to file a case. He accused the rest of them having less than holdings in the tata and sons. Later on the NCLAT the supreme court rejected its petition but it took the case.     


A week before on 4th september 2022, the group of people including member of pandole family were in udvada. They all four went their to offer prayer to  Dinshaw Dastoor and pallonji mistry.

The zoroastrian high preist of the place under him said that this is a ritual. Udvada which is  near ahemdabad, they all four were returning from udvada to mumbai. The car was mercedes benz GLC with the speed of 90km/hr.  when they inclined towards the surua river near charoti It got crashed into a road divider at the time.

All four met in an accident. Cyrus mistry and jehangir pandole were on the back seat. Their head got bumped into the back of the front seats and they died instantly. Dr. anahita pandole who was driving the care and his husband darius pandole were seated with the seat belt and so are alive. Are travelling safe. with the death of such personality.

They got some injuries but not any severe one. On the contrary  cyrus mistry and jehangir were without the seat belt. The road designed at the accident spot was sited due to to lack of warnings symbol.

The spot had face other accidents as well in the last few months. The union government has charged fine for those who are sitting in rear seat and are without a seatbelt. For those whoever finds without it 1000rs penalty.

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