The prominent places to explore in Bhopal the city of lake. It is the heart of India’s capital city Bhopal. A tourist can find many spots to look in Bhopal. One of the cleanest and greenest cities of India. Everyone who loves to travel and explore must visit this beautiful place. The perfect mixture of historic and modern architecture and creativity. There are a plethora of spots in Bhopal and nearby places. 

The genre you love, be it spirituality, history, culture or the essence of a city. Bhopal will make you have an unlimited list. You will get connected to this place with its epitome of beauty. The jungle adventure will make your kids energetic and to know more. 

Upper lake of Bhopal. 

The bhojtal in Bhopal also refers to the upper lake or bada talab. It is known as the one of oldest man made lake in our country. It is said to be built by raja bhoj the 11th century ruler. The one who ruled on Bhopal. The lake also has a side by walking area for people to roam around the beauty. People go there to get beautiful pictures of the sunset. The far vision of the lake can be seen by the kamala park which attracts tourists all around. The upper lake is a very tempting spot to go for scenic beauty. You can also do boating in the upper lake. The boat Club is available from morning to evening. It is near CM house. 

The van vihar national park

Situated near the upper lake. This  place is full of greenery. The maintenance of the park is strictly followed by the authorities. Van vihar national park is a home to many wildlife 

animals. Tiger, white tiger, blackbuck, sambar, bear, jackal, boar, porcupine, deer, crocodile and many other species. The vast expansion of dense green areas allows you to get connected with nature. The park remains open from 6 am to 7 pm in the evening.  Families can go alone with their kids. It’s a big place to get free air and enjoy the scenic view. 

Moti Masjid in Bhopal 

The mosque was built in the year 1862 . This mosque was built by Sikander Jahan Begum, the most free thinking woman. The mosque was built with the resemblance to the Jama Masjid. It was crafted beautifully with white marble and the portrayal of architecture. It is also called Pearl mosque. The most you have is a grand Courtyard and its window opens in front of the most amazing view of the city. The perfect love of history you can see the most amazing view points. The Masjid timing is from morning till evening and there are no entry fees. The Masjid is situated at Bill Gate in Bhopal.

Exploring the Udaygiri caves in Bhopal 

The magnificent structure is dated 5 5th century CE. The magnification to the dedication holds some of the most Ironic ancient drawings. The sculptures and inscriptions inside the cave depict the time zone of Gupta Empire. The drawings inside the cave show the Goddesses Lakshmi Vishnu Shiva and Parvati. The usual time of going to this place is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. this place is near Vidisha which is around 30 km from Bhopal.

Sanchi Stupa

the unbeatable place in Madhya Pradesh is Sanchi Stupa. The originality of this place belongs to the third century. It’s been said to be the time of Ashoka The Great ruler of Maurya dynasty. It has unremarkable Buddhist monuments till date. We all know that the ruler Ashoka was the greatest follower of Buddhism. Inside the Central Hall comprises the lyrics of Lord Buddha. Sanchi is situated in Raisen District. It is one of the most remarkable monuments. Sanchi Stupa holds the UN match history and is a pious place.

Shaukat Mahal

the blend of Asian and western architecture in the Islamic moral in Bhopal. It is one of the most visited tourist spots. Surrounded by the beautiful chalk area with buildings, it is also the time of Sikandar Begum. It depicts the post Renaissance and Gothic style of architecture with its enormous form. The place Shaukat Mahal is adjacent to Grand Sardar Manzil. It has been said and believed to be the great audience hall for the public back in the time.

Bhimbetka Caves in Bhopal

 The historic monument of Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 30000 year is G estimated time by archaeologists. The beyond imagination Rock Shelters with the historic antique paintings till date. Timeless piece of art is around 45 km from Bhopal.  The formation of the cave with the surrounding of greenery is beyond imagination.

Lower lake in Bhopal

It is also called the Chhota Talab from the localite. It was also built back in the 11th century and was under countless kings. The Portable water for the City comes from this place. Tourists go visit these places to click pictures and the natural beauty surrounding.

Exploring the beauty of Bhojpur Temple

The beautiful Bhojpuri temple which you said was built by Raja Bhoj in 11th century. The religious temple of Lord Shiva devotees come across the country for a visit. 7.5 feet high Shivling is beautiful with its glorious design and culture. It is one of the most important archaeological sites which share the history and current scenarios. There are no entry charges. The temple remains open from morning to evening everyday. It is nearly 24 km from Bhopal.

Madhya Pradesh tribal museum Bhopal

The tribal museum is the most beautiful place which is around 3 km from the center of a ball. The travel museum displays the roots of different tribes and cultures of Madhya Pradesh. It is segregated into 6 different galleries dedicated to different communities of tribes. If you are a history addict or enthusiast for old knowledge and mythological stuff then you cannot afford to miss this place. The glorifying life art culture of different types from their paintings. It is located in shamla hills near the state museum.


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