With a population of more than 8 million in the expansion of the largest city. The capitalcity of Uttar Pradesh. The city is also known as the city of nawabs since ancient times. In the populous city of India LUCKNOW ranks the 11th.  At the time of the 18th and early 19th centuries, Lucknow was the prominent hub for administration.

Earlier the city was the capital region of Awadh which was under the Delhi sultanate. It was passed from ruler to ruler. From Delhi sultanate to the Tuglaq dynasty and to the Mughal raj. At the time of independence, Lucknow also git its independence on 15th august 1957.


Facts you should know about the capital city.

Lucknow is a cultural heritage place since the old era. With culturally efficient and covered with a lot of hidden facts. Let’s uncover them to know more about the beautiful city of nawabs.

Myths- it’s been said and written in old mythological books. The place of Lucknow at the bank of river Gomti is linked to Ramayana. At the time when ram was sent into exile, his brother Lakshman accompanied him. They founded the city of Lucknow and names them Lakshman Pur.


The great capital city owns the culture and historic transformation from time to time. Since the 15th century, when Mughals capture India and ruled here. The city was run by the nawabs. In later British India, the city was administered by the nawabs. The nawabs were chosen by the British officers for the proper running.

Earlier the whole region was known as the Oudh region.

Gradually in the later period, Lucknow got evolved in its culture and tradition, art and music, etc. the city celebrates its golden period to the era of the NAWAB ASAF UD DAULA regime.

In the 19th century, the administrative capital was shifted from Awadh to Lucknow. The duration of British raj has showcased many ups and downs. There were revolts all around. Later on, Lucknow became the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

The first revolt of independence in 1857, was the outbreak of anger from different parts of the country. The first boon was from Lucknow. The then Mughal ruler was shah Jahan II. Lucknow become the HubSpot for all the activities there. The time was of revolt uprising from a different zone.

Lucknow also has a Turkish touch on architecture.

The old architecture of Lucknow is similar to the Turkish gateways. A big example of this is the Rumi Darwaza of Lucknow. The giant 60 feet high Rumi Darwaza makes the historic city of Lucknow more beautiful. It is so similar to the Turkish gateway of Constantinople. The Turkish gateway name is also for the Rumi Darwaza.

Tourists from around the place come to visit Lucknow for its beauty. Bara imambara a great tourist spot is an edifice. A total number of about 22000 laborers were involved in the making of such a huge monument. This was the landmark monument. This house is the largest hall in Asia. It is standing without any additional support such as pillars.

There are many places to see in Lucknow. A few of them are Chhota Imambara, Bara Imambara, Gateway of India, architects of Mughal and Turkish, and European architecture.


The food culture of India is special and cuisine. Lucknow with the touch of Awadhi has mouth-watering food. Biriyani, kebab and bread, shami kabab,seekh kabab with different variety of kebab.

The city festival is organized in such a huge and great way.  Popular culture and art showcase tourism. It is a part of the heritage of the city. To promote astonishing art and culture at the global level. The festival takes place annually.

The classical dance of the region is kathak. It is classical Indian dance and students used to dance in this. Lucknow is the city of budding musicians. There are a few great musicians like Anup jalota, Talat Mahmood, and Nurshad.

The famous city has a different pattern of embroidery work. The 400-year-old work of chikankari is still fresh in the city. Lucknow has this unique art form and is the largest garment exporter.

You would be surprised to know that Lucknow is the first CCTV city in India. The city comes under surveillance by allocating 4000 CCTV cameras. This year the camera is now doubled and it is all time under the eye.


For studying also Lucknow has its education at its peak. The Lucknow university is one of the oldest. The capital city of modern India is surrounded by a number of grand hotels and motels.  Lucknow is the second happiest city after Chandigarh. in India no ahead of all metropolean cities it stand.

Lucknow has the tallest clock tower in India. Total 220 ft of height. It is one of  the tallest clock in the country. A great tourist attraction near Rumi Darwaza.

The Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow is the 10th largest park in Asia. After the demise of Samajwadi party person Janeshwar Mishra, this park was build in his memory. the park look alike as the london hyde park. rich in its beauty and scenery around.  Lucknow had its own ace course during the British raj. the green lush ground of 70 acres is near the Bahadur shah Jafar Marg, in Lucknow. In the city of Nawabs, race course are very prominent in nature. the charm of the city has not forgotten yet. the place was build in 1800. all the British officers and colonel were used to enjoy in morning and evening.


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