India is a developing country and is on the emergence of transforming into a developed nation. Well, it’s a great idea but one should not hamper the ethos and decorum. Named as apex and cayenne tower are the legal names for the two buildings. They are referred to as the Noida Supertech Twin tower. The building was built for complete residential purposes.

The grand company of Supertech was a part of the real estate firm. The Supertech limited emerald court residential buildings.  Their location was at sector 93A in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2009, its construction started. 


The new Okhla industrial development authority that is NOIDA, allotted a piece of land to Supertech limited. A plot was of the required size of about 11.92 acres. In the prescribed area, the plan for the emerald twin building was designed in the year 2009. The twin tower was added to the NOIDA list later. It was transformed to build a 24-story building in the triangular shape here in the green place allotted. 

In a later period of about 2 years, the Supertech company edited their planning and in 2012 come up with new data. They revised and added one more building to the location. Then increased the story from 9 to 11 for every building. later on increased the height of the twin tower building from 20 to 40. 


The battle of the Twin Towers begin in the year 2009 whereby the core society member included the EX DIG of CRPF, SK Sharma, Ravi Bajaj, and MK Jain. they all raised an alarm about the construction and its policies. After a year the construction body started working on other planned areas, for complexes and gardens, 

2012- in the year, the residents thought about the scenario. Moving ahead, Allahabad court was the next place to seek justice.  To demolish the twin tower project for 40 stored buildings. 

The pattern of construction was also a violation of the NATIONAL BUILDING CODE. In the year 2014, the high court of Allahabad bench favored the citizen and passed its order. Later on, the matter went to the supreme court of India. The supreme court of India upheld the decision of the high court. 

The price for DEMOLITION of the twin tower

The price for the demolition of the twin tower is 17.5 crore being paid by Supertech to Edifice engineering. When asked the chairman RK Arora for the demolition cost. The task for the demolition is to take down the structure safely. Without any hampering of the locality. Rupee 100 crore is the premium insurance amount to be paid

The in-making cost used for building the grand twin tower

The current estimate for the ultra huge twin tower was over 700 crores. The 933 per sq feet structure which overall cost of the Noida twin tower in total was 70 crore for its construction. It has a total number of 900 apartments in the grand space.  

The parent company Supertech has to pay rupee 20 crores to the Edifice

The south Indian company edifice experts in the jet will get rs. 20 crore by the parent company Supertech for the demolition of this project. At first, the company gonna pay 5 crores, and the rest of the amount will be paid to them after they sell the debris. The estimation was that the demolition will generate about 80000 tonnes of debris.

On the 28th of august, the 100-meter tall twin tower was turned into debris. The apex and ceyane got demolished at 2:30 pm on Sunday. As ordered by the Supreme court of India, after finding the making of the tower is violating the norms. In the demolition, more than 3700 kgs of explosives were used. A total of 20 crores was used in the destruction of the building itself.

The company used the waterfall implosion method for the destruction of the building. None of the neighbor buildings got hampered in the process. 

Before the demolition, the whole society needs to be evacuated. A special force from the court was required to comprise seven people. They force successfully evacuated the place before the demolition. The planning for the demolition took nearly a month. 

After the demolition, people of the society celebrated it with drum beat. The mega building of 900 apartments was built by corruption and so the people of society were very happy.

The demolition group of people checked it thoroughly again in the morning by reaching the top floor of the building to leave no stone unturned. The crew makes sure all the possibilities of no casualty.


After the demolition, they checked that none of the buildings got any threat. All seems to be safe. Though the edifice company secured 100 crores for the post demolition effect.

A major question here arises that why the twin tower building of 900 apartments was not given or utilized as a school. it can be used for residing in poor people’s families. It could also be used in some government work. Why was the need for demolishing it to the ground? About this many people said that it requires money to destruct it. With no profit.

The Supreme Court of India said that their decision is used in future cases and laws. The judgment given by any judge of the supreme court has a great impact on the future of the country. Permitting one company to utilize it in other work. This will give rise to other similar cases. Illegally possession of land and making buildings in the name of mistake.

Later on, they will ask for some other work to be done there. Eventually, they will make money. So better now than next. demolition will make sure that in future no other company thinks of anything like that. The supreme court of India ordered the demolition.


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