While hearing the word meditation, have you ever stopped thinking about what is it? 

Why meditate?

What is the benefit?

Is it something spiritual? 

Will it lead somewhere? 

Oh my God! Many many questions arise from the word mediation. Everyone All of you have something in common.


Well, I tell you that all of you have some ambition, desire, and goals.  Have a brain and a heart that tells you to do things. Talking about the brain, Um you take sleep for straight 8-9 hours daily. While sleeping you dream.  That means even when your body is at rest and chilling mode your brain is still functioning.  24/4 and whole 365 days isn’t that strange. 

You think you took a nap or a good sleep but your brain is still working on your thoughts and dreams and all other kinds of stuff. 

Let’s understand something about meditation.

Meditation is not about transformation or transforming into a new person or a better one.  It’s about being aware of your perspective. You are not trying to push your thoughts back and turn off your emotions and feelings but you are learning them and observing them without any judgment

Gradually you will understand it all yours.

Mindfulness is what? 

Ok! So getting up in Morning and thinking of what I have to do tomorrow or after that or next!! Is not appropriate. No one has seen the future yet. No one can tell you what is gonna happen tomorrow. But this also doesn’t mean you to be free from your work leaving things in future. 

Mindfulness means living in the present.

Enjoy the present.

Be happy in the present.

Whatever you are doing, do it to the fullest. No one is born talented. They inculcate it in themselves. They involve and evolve. Similarly, meditation is a skill. Like you learn painting, skating, swimming, etc meditation is also a learning skill.  If you wanna succeed, consistency is the key. 

Similarly, meditation requires consistency. Daily practice, not like you do today then next week, and then next month thinking you gonna evolve. This won’t help. In mediation, you won’t ever graduate!  I say this because the more you get into this the more your become perfect but the thought process is never ending and so your research is also never-ending. You are growing every second and so your thoughts are running much faster than you. 

It’s one of that kind where the journey is more important than the destination. Your mind is a web! Web, dense – your mind is a cosmos of your thoughts and it takes time to ease up but that’s where you go.  There must be obstacles on the path and many setbacks but consistency will always help through meditation.

There are a few types of meditation practices-

Mindfulness meditation

Spiritual meditation

Focused meditation

Movement mediation

Mantra meditation

Transcendental meditation

Not all styles of meditation are necessary for everyone. 

It depends upon the person and capabilities.

You only do what is comfortable for you.

It is a habitual process to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.

Meditation is where you lift your thought into the zone of thinking. Even if you try to calm your brain it will take time. There was a great saying go with the flow. While doing the meditation you need to the concept of letting go. Try once to go with the flow. you all must have seen a hot air balloon. It flows so smoothly into the air. It starts from the button and goes towards the wind.

When your mind starts thinking then you just look at the sky. Think of a hot air balloon. In your imaginary world. Think of your thought flowing freely into the air. You are pushing them to rise high and high.

There are a few types of peace

MANTRA MEDITATION- when you repeat a word, again and again, it is termed a mantra meditation. You have to enchant a mantra again and again. There are a few mantras in Sanskrit that calm and give solace to the mind and soul. 

The second term is Mindfulness Meditation whereby one needs to let their thoughts flow. Without judging it and giving a prejudiced statement.

 The high-tech meditation practice can be done with more technology. It has greater ease than normal meditation. The more traditional you go, the deeper you enter.

Walking meditation – walking meditation is when you are walking but your mind is understanding each work you do. You are counting all your steps from point A to B . whatever you are doing while walking, you are counting everything. 

Meditation helps in maintaining the balance of the body. Your mind and your free-flowing thoughts. The proper balance is indeed the requirement. 

Nowadays when people are just running after each other. The purpose of life is different for everyone but the common part is their calmness. Everyone needs better sleep at night. A stress-free life. from a school-going kid to a businessman.

From old age to working women. We all are busy framing the world we set for ourselves. We work day and night to make it appropriate. Our running thoughts divert us from the goal.

Setting targets and achieving them requires focus. Focus can only be found when the mind is healthy and stick to the aim. Setting a target and achieving it. Meditation helps in framing the structure of work. Meditation is the key to happiness. 

People also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook presentation. 



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