Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated for the lord ganesha. The first of all deities, also known as with multiple names like vinayak, lambodar and so on.

This day is celebrated as the birthday of lord ganesha through the hindu mythology calendar. On this day people throughout the country welcome home a small ganesha idol and settle the murti privately in homes.

On a larger area people living in societies they collab the money and make a large area in isolation for practicing the daily puja. By installing the idol deity there. 



Going back in time, the term ganesha was first read among scholars in the Rigveda. Whereby portrait the idol Ganesha is having sweets on his one hand. Lotus on the other hand. Sitting on a couch.well the literal meaning found at different places was the guardian of the multiple universe. The first and the caretaker of the universe. Its also mentioned there about the future era, and the guardian for the future circumstances. 


Lord Ganesha portal is the one who is the savior of all, who is gonna remove all the obstacles from life. Who is going to pust the humanitarian society towards success. The one helping in all the problems of life.

Till 8th century onwards, ganesha became the popular hindu deity. Engraved on stones, rocks there were many places where people used to talk about ganesha. 


Ganpati Bappa Moriya – The best line which take away all the problems. In the history also no one can identify when the first ganesha idol was prayed. But through the glimpse of history. We can say that the very first time shivaji maharaj at pune prayed lord ganesha. 

The founder and leader of the maratha empire. Stated the publi ganesh puja in the capital city pune.  With the passage of time the ganesh puja became very pious and holy. While commence any war, they pray in front of the deity.

Later on British were about to take over and people having faith in their deity was beyond. Later on during british raj also, Tilak ji fought with britisher to give time for hindu to pray their idol. He was the first one to settle a giant idol of lord ganesha in the premises.

Tilak ji did the expansion of lord Ganesha festival from just a pandal to proper 11 days of prayer. From his home coming to keeping him for eleven days. 


In current India-  The states of madhya pradesh, maharashtra, gujrat, rajasthan, goa,karnataka, andhra pradesh, telangana, odisha, west bengal,tamil nadu and in north indian states. Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated as a very happening festival. Full of lights and flowers. The date get fluctuate because it is with the tithi. The present of the fourth day is chaturthi tithi .  

In the preparation of this festival, the artists create clay models of lord. The size of model can be as large and magnificent to small and calm. 

The last of all the days is the visarjan day. When the idol deity needs to be immerse in the holy river. On the last day, the visarjan day people carry their idol in their hand. Barefoot they walk to the bank of river.

With the dance and music and colors they say goodbye to their ganesha. They pray and request him to come next year. 

The ganesh chaturthi is also a cycle of journey. The life and death on which no one has control. The cycle which is the truth of emergence and beyond. 

The ganesh chaturthi at the Varsidhi vinayak temple in andra pradesh where by the ganesh puja is for 21 days. Starting from the ganesh chaturthi day itself. The annual celebration of Bhahmotsavams if for 21 days there.


Few amazing facts about the ganesha are-


We all only knew that ganesha in hindu god. But he also gets worshiped in the foreign lands. Countries like China, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Afghanistan and Cambodia too. It’s great, though his portrait is different from place to place.

For example in china the deity is of two elephants and facing towards each other. The both elephants embrace each other and are named as kanga teri. 


In mumbai the lalbaugcha raja hosts the longest procession of the ganesh chaturthi. This mandap is get in the year 1934 and has the patent there. There was a chawl which was forcefully shut down. The member of chawl and the local vendors promised the first thing would be back will be ganesha. 


  • The legendary Ganesha birth 

The story of the birth of ganesh everyone knows by devi parvati. But there is one more story that lord ganesha was created by lord shiva and parvati on the request of devas. To be the destructor of demons and help the devas.


In hindu mythology, lord ganesha is the one who is supreme of all. Its been said and written that at the time of the competition, who is greater among all. Lord ganesha defeated all the other god by his wisdom and so he was siad to be as parampujya.

The one who needs to be prayed before all. Thats why whenever you start any n work you pray lord ganesha. 


It is said and believed that the lord ganesha is the one who wrote the mahabharata. The sage vyasa thought lord ganesha would be appropriate for writing the greatest epic mahabharata. He being the one can understand it. So he asked lord ganesha to write the mahabharata since vyasa would be reciting it to him. 


The greatest 61 feet height lord ganesha was created in 2019 at Khairatabad Ganesh on the occasion of the ganesh chaturthi.


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