Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI – who nailed it

Advertising has become more fierce, now corporate are directly using other brand names to show that they are better. In a recent ad we can see Pepsodent claiming to be better than Colgate.

But sometimes, advertisement goes so intense that brands do everything possible to stay on top.

Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI – who nailed it

The most famous one is of between BMW and AUDI, where through billboards they have tried to show who is on top.

For promoting its 35th MOA Rally (Chess Tournament) BMW has released an Ad Campaign.


And then the Advertisement war was has started from California when Audi placed a huge billboard for new Audi A4 with the caption “Chess? No Thanks I’d rather be driving.”

Chess? No Thanks I’d rather be driving.”

Very soon AUDI has changed the billboard with a teaser message, directly ponting to BMW. The Billboard contains the picture of AUDI A4 and message was “your move BMW”.

your move BMW

BMW has immediately placed a hoarding just next side of the road, which was 3 times the size of AUDI Billboard. The message was “Checkmate”.  They have featured 3 series BMW in the billboard.


Audi sooner placed a same size Billboard on the same side, where BMW has placed the billboard, which features R8. And the message was loud and clear “Your pawn is no match for our king”.

Your pawn is no match for our king

Your pawn is no match for our king

Lastly BMW has placed a blimp tethered on the AUDI R8 billboard and the message was “Game Over”. The board features its F1 car.

BMW and AUDI ad war

AUDI has immediately placed a new billboard someplace else on reply to this which said that “Time to check your luxury badge”.

time to take your luxury Badge


This doesn’t end here. BMW has gone more wild in terms of exploring advertising opportunities and placed a huge billboard stretched along the city at Moscow. Plus they placed their cars in the billboard and not just the cars but whole “M” range cars.




And when everyone thought that it has ended, AUDI comes up with a new strategy and placed a billboard, which congratulates BMW for Winning World Car of the year award. Ofcorse it was sarcastically.

AUDI congratulates BMW

This time BMW replied very soon with same sort of message.

BMW congratulate AUDI

Suddenly out of no where Subaru came into picture and congratulate both sarcastically.

BMW congratulate AUDI

It becomes a trend and sooner the latest entry by another rival car almost steal the show

BMW vs. Audi Billboard Wars

But final message was from Bentley which actually steal the show, featuring its Chairman picture.

BMW vs. Audi Billboard Wars


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  1. AEM

    Now the winners here are the advertising family! The consumer is still clueless.
    I like the banter, I like the thought process
    Great thinking, good teams that allowed this to get past the boardrooms and out into the public, I am certain that now there will be a real change and development in the luxury vehicle market all with the aim of being number one!

  2. Patrick

    How about the other one between Mercedes benz and bmw where a mec truck carried bmw cars captioned “even the benz brings you driving pleasure” and the bmw m3 driving around a windy mountain road with caption “bmw beats the bends”

  3. Benedict Baumkirchner

    Audi turned to its Facebook fans and the fans came up with some clever photo-shopped replies . BMW fans also responded with a Photo-shopped replies.

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    […] when you need to compete with the eagle you need not to focus on the chick, rather focus on fellow eagles. Keeping a close eye on competitors move will ensure you stay informed and protect/ cushion your brand from external attacks, pure example being the advertising war between Audi & BMW……http://beyourgoogle.com/2015/08/18/famous-advertisement-war-between-bmw-and-audi-who-nailed-it/ […]

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    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be
    waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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  7. MBClub UK - Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts

    This is the funniest thing I found to date between car manufacturers… Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI ? who nailed it .. Well written article..

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