Success lessons those who are amongst top leading by overcoming their failure. The student life of every child is interesting. lets know about SUCCESS LESSONS IMPORTANT FOR  STUDENT TO KNOW ABOUT



The memories which every student takes from their school are mesmerizing. Here are a few interviews of top leaders who were once a student. While studying nobody knows what they are up to in life. From where they will attend college or higher studies. From the same country or another. No one knows what is in their future.

Being successful in life is what we think. Our goals and ambition are what we become. Since childhood, our parents used to ask what we want to  become when we grow up. We as a kid used to say end number of streams. In school, we get trained in every field. Then in higher studies, we set our goals and focus on our careers. Being a successful person is what our brain focuses on.

We all are living on a planet where one is superior to the other. We all are equal but our designation makes us different. Being successful has no age barrier. One can start a career at the age of 10. Few can become masters in their 70s. We can never predict the future. It took 99% of hard work and dedication to achieve success. The 1% is luck and what life is up to.

At every stage of life, we learn.

Success is just one thought we take forward and work on it. They inbuild desire and our zeal to become something.


The only one name STEVE JOBS. the iconic figure and the ground brand building of apple. World’s biggest company at about $2 billion. The largest company was started by just 2 students in a small garage. he was very intelligent and dedicated to his work. He was overthrown by his own company. But in later years his failure didn’t become a setback. He stands up again and takes over the company. The company has 4000 employees.


Traf-O-Data have you heard this name? Well, I think no. it was the biggest failure of bill gates. The biggest failure in history. he put all his income and it got wasted. His education was also can’t get completed. He was a dropout from one of the world’s renowned universities Harvard. But the power of learning computer programming was his zeal. He loves to develop in programming, that’s what made him what he is today. His drawback leads him to program a bigger software brand title- MICROSOFT.


The one who excelled in science and physics. He always used to say if you will never fail, you won’t understand what success is. Achieving success is not a one-go of work. It requires years of continuity. During childhood, he faced many failures. he was expelled from the school because he didn’t know how to speak.

On a note, to his mother, the principal said that your kid is not eligible for anything. He is now expelled from the school. When Albert Einstein asked what was written in the note. The mother replied that they say your child is extraordinary and we cannot teach someone like this. He is a very brilliant gem. He became one of the great scientists. A genius personality is known for his innovation and inventions. he was awarded the Nobel prize in physics in the year 1921.

students must know about Jordan  a great brand name.

You all have heard of shoes. Michael Jordan is the favorite amongst all basketball world history, and he is still termed a fine basketball player. Due to his short height, he used to get rejection by every team. After growing up h lost more than 9000 shots. hitting towards the failure of about 300 games multiple times. He used to get irritated with all of its happenings. That didn’t stop him from practicing. He practiced day n night with the same enthusiasm and hit towards his goal. Now you know him by Michael Jordan.

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse

what comes to your mind after hearing this? The cartoon world of creativity. Walt Disney, the movies which we see are animated by famous cartoonists. Since childhood, he wanted to join the army. His dedication was throughout the time but he failed in it. He dropped out of his school due to which he didn’t study further. Laugh-o-gram was started by him but again failed in the field. After all, just facing only failure. He was fired from a newspaper agency by saying you are less creative.

 Every student should know about Lincoln

The United States of America 16th President you all know by name Abraham Lincoln. Failure is the step that proves what you are trying to achieve. One day you will get everything you desire for being successful. The great personality faced many failures and a serious nervous breakdown in later years also logged the presidential election of America. he was the one who abscised slavery in America. He is one of the great and fine presidents of America.

Harry potter

Well you can’t say no to the word. One of the best seller and readers’ choice books ever. JK Rowling is famous for her piece of art harry potter and its sub different parts. She had an unsuccessful marriage. She used to live alone and had no job. Living such a life and encouraging myself to do something is a very hard thing. Living without a partner and just passing days in vain. Her dedication and the urge of doing something helped her for writing the piece of art.

Conclusion: meeting your expected goal is what success is all about. If you want to climb a mountain and you start taking steps towards it. It is the process of going ahead to catch your goal. Not confined to any religion, caste, gender, creed, etc. it’s beyond white and black. Always try to encourage yourself and fill it with positivity. success lessons every students should know about to learn from them.

These people are no Gods. They have done no miracle. Everyone is the same as they are born. It’s just about the determination and focuses one gives towards their career. Goals are different for everyone. Few think success is working in the service sector. For others, success might be to get a government job. They are different but for achieving success only hard work is step.

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