Jessica cox is A girl born with a unique skill and full of potential to become a role model for every other girl countrywide. A pilot can fly without arms. 

The girl was born in Arizona and got her pilot license without the use of her arms. Yes, Jessica is an armless girl and the first armless pilot in the world. She was born with a rare disease as without arms.  Although she proved to the world that she is unstoppable when it comes to dreaming. A PILOT CAN FLY WITHOUT ARMS – AWE-INSPIRING CHECK IT HOW

In later years she completed her college at the prestigious University of Arizona. In the year 2005 by excelling in psychology and communications. She realized that she is a risk taker and grateful to her parents for always supporting her to excel in the streams she dreamt of. 

Jessica’s parents decided to make her comfortable by sending her into normal schools and colleges. They didn’t send her to any special privileged place for education . she started making her friends but others get very cautious since she was not like others. At the initial age, things weren’t as she thought. Apparently her parents had a wide vision for her and which helped her in her career. 

One day enjoying the playground, Jessica couldn’t get access to climb the slide like the rest of her friends and she got angry. while sitting there she thought she want to fly. 

When she turned 14 she stopped using her implant hand and instead she started using her feet for most of her work. She was full of zeal and confidence in working all things by herself from driving unmodified cars. Typing at full speed, or to pump her gas, or removing or putting back her contact lens, she does everything by her foot. 

She got certified in armless blackbelt American Taekwondo Association and is also a very well-certified scuba diver.

In her later years following her dream, she flew the single-engine airplane for the first time in the year 2004 via wright flight. Then she earned her pilot training and got a license certificate in the year 2008. She got qualified for flying light sports aircraft at an altitude up to 10 000 feet. 

She learned and completed her training under Parrish Traweek.

Jessica’s certificate was from an organization for flying light-sport aircraft ERCO 415-C Excoupe designed by the federal aviation administration. It was designed in the early 1940s and was built without the pedals which helps Cox in controlling the airplane with one foot at the yoke and the other managing the throttle. In the year 2019, she got a 1946 Ezcoupe 415 – c with the serial number 3153 along with the tail number N26R .

She also said that she will use the aircraft for showing others that disability does not mean inability. Being brave is never born, it’s always practicing and making up your mind to work and hustle for self-improvement. When she was 10 years old she started learning taekwondo in her school and soon she earned her first black belt. She didn’t stop yet, she worked hard and practiced at American Taekwondo Association clubs on campus.

Jessica always took inspiration from her life incidents, she proceeded with her training to help students with disability to carry on in their life. 

With the support of his instructor who put effort into transforming the whole curriculum according to her suitability of her. She earned the grand title of Arizona 2014 state-level championship. 

Jessica cox life was a tragedy but she took it beautifully. Her passion for taekwondo let her meet her life partner. Patrick her husband, the taekwondo instructor, and in the year 2012 they both got into a nod. They both fell in love with each other and she always used to wear her wedding anklet on her left leg. She got all the love and care and they both used to travel together everywhere. Her husband became her pillar and her support system. They both started training taekwondo to further coming students with special abilities. 

Life is unpredictable and very beautiful.

It is a gift we received and we need to be grateful for what we have no matter how harsh realities come on the way. One needs to remember that everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad today is, the sun will rise again tomorrow, and with the same energy and enthusiastic way it will light up the rest of the world. 

Jessica’s dedication to being the change that she wanted to see in the future. she excels in her dreams and her passion. Jessica coz later decided to communicate with others who take their life in a nutshell. She start working as a motivational speaker and went from country to country to communicate with people. Then traveled to 26 countries to express her thoughts.  To motivate people to follow their dreams and pursue whatever they want as their career.

The positive radiance she transmitted became very useful for others. In the year 2014, she completed a 40-mile segment of the El tour de Tucson, and the next year she worked on an autobiography and made it published as a self-help book titled DISARM YOUR LIMIT. the book helps in overcoming the fear and the challenges which come on a path. The book comprises the lessons she learned from her life.

In the later years, she became a subject of the documentary entitled s Right Footed. Nick Spark was the director of this documentary and also directed the Emmy award film. 

Being thankful to the almighty for whatever we are today and being grateful for everything to receive in the future. Jessica Cox is a warrior who helped millions of others to become one.


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