First female President of Independent India

Country’s first female from tribal community became the President. India on its growth and heightening towards development. With its 76th Independence day will cherish the first woman born in Independent India. The first lady to hold such a prestigious position. The first tribal women to touch the sky height and showcase that hard work and persistence have no limit.

Draupati Murmu is the first lady from being a tribal leader to the President of India. The journey of Draupadi Murmu was not easy but a roller coaster ride.

Well, that’s what life is all about. A ride towards the destination is a goal but one has to live the journey to see the destination. Draupadi Murmu is the 15th President of India. Who took the oath in front of the honarable Chief justice of India CV Ramana in the parliament.

She became the second woman President of India. After our beloved Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. The former President Ram Nath Kovind and Draupadi Murmu get in the central hall of parliament together. Went for the proceedings of the oath-taking ceremony on the 25th of July.

The life and education

A daughter and a granddaughter of a farmer and head of a village (sarpanch) in Uparbeda of Mayoubhanj district in Odisha. She also rooted the Santali tribal family to biiranchi Narayan tudu.

Carrying out her schooling in the district. She later joined the college from Rama Devi institute of arts Bhubaneswar. Well, the life of this young lady got stuck during the early phase. whereby she got married to a man named Shyam Charan Murmu a banker by his profession.  later on in 2014 the demise of his husband left her alone.

She lost her two sons within two years and still, she was brave enough to get back on herself. Draupadi Murmu has one daughter Itishri Murmu got married to rugby player Ganesh Hembram and currently, she works at UCO bank.

The current President of India Draupati Murmu has served in many other positions for the welfare of the nation. She joined the Bharatiya Janat Party in the year 1997 and got elected to the Rairangpur Nagar panchayat. She had a special connection with tribals and she served in the schedule tribe morcha by being its National Vice President.

Work during the tenure

During the time of the coalition government in Odisha. Draupadi Murmu had served in many fields and positions. Such as being the minister of state with Independent charge of fishery and animal resources. she was appointed as the governor of Jharkhand and also the first to complete the tenure.

Being very active in each work sphere. she received the Nilkanth award for being the best MLA in the year 2007. Before coming into politics Draupadi Murmu served as a primary school teacher. She later on became a junior assistant in the state irrigation and power department. In the late 80s for near about four years.
By giving equal level competition to the rival part nominee Yashwant Sinha.She secured 64 % of the votes and gaining the maximum margin to be selected as the President of the nation.

Draupadi Murmu make her nation proud of being the daughter of India. she also visited various states and met the chief ministers. As a part of the Presidential campaign this year for acquiring support.

People see the dedication in her eyes. That’s the reason for supporting her so that the youth and the Indian citizen would see the changes in the nation.

Draupati Murmu as a President

Draupadi Murmu joined the office on 25th July 2022. she is also the youngest President of India who is just 64 and was to be born post-independence on 20th June 1958.

During her phase as a governor of Jharkhand, she took many immense decisions for the welfare of the tribal community. She denied and void the bill which was already approved by the legislative assembly of Jharkhand further showcasing the Chota Nagpur tenancy act 1908 and the second panthal pargana act in the year 1949.

The bill was actually to give rights to the tribal community living in the place to make their land for commercial purposes at lease and to ensure that the owner doesn’t switch. Earlier the transfer of land was only between the tribal community and among themselves.

This created havoc and the police got harsh with the community people. This created a tense situation and a tribal man died, criminal case was on many of them. Draupadi Murmu had got 192 memorandums and she sent them all back to the legislature. The amendment bill also after much debate and discussion was taken back in august 2017.


Draupadi Murmu the 15th President of India shows her kind gesture towards the first prime minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and bow down in front of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar for their immense contribution to making the building blocks of this united India.

Draupadi Murmu follows the Bharatiya Janta party line of being Hindu and supports everything confined in the constitution.

The daughter of rising Bharat will be the face of Nation.


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