The boon of apple and its wonderful features all around.

The arrow space grade will give beautiful durability and it comes in different colors. The iPhone glass is smarter and topper than any other glass. Everything is up to you your photos, fonts, widgets, and your iPhone. Giving you full permission to design your tracking transparency record.

It will be you who customize your daily track activities. Everything depends on you and what you want to share with whom. Ultra-rich technology of crash detection calls for help popups when you can’t work e IPhone 14 is big and becoming bigger.

In two variations I phone 14 and 14 plus which gives you the longest battery life to date. The new technology of low light photos is a good feature of the iPhone 14. Won your screen. Detection can also emerge when you face a severe car crash to call all your emergency numbers. The eye existing display will be easier to maintain eye balance according to the environment.

The boon of apple IPhone 14 is big and becoming bigger.


The feature of the iPhone 14 is going to be released in September. The 172-gram 7.8 mm thickness iPhone is available in various stores. It has no card slot. The storage capacity of the iPhone 14 by Apple comes in various variables. 128 GB 256 GB 500 12gb are the prime criterias. The technology available in iPhone 14 is GSM CDMA and 5G with much more coverage.

The Apple iPhone 14 launch date was the 16th of September 2022. Talking about the dimension of the iPhone 14 is 146.7 x 71.5* 7.8 mm. The total weight of the iPhone 14 is 172 grams. The front glass of the iPhone 14 is Gorilla Glass. By aluminum frame with dual sim capacity a Nano sim and one ECM. Apple iPhone 14 is dust and water-resistant for long as 30 minutes.

The type of display is superly retina XDR, OLED with Dolby vision. 6.1 inches of the screen also 90.2 cm² the total ratio of the screen. Hitech resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels. Highly Effective ceramic glass which is scratch resistant and highly oleophobic coating. Known for its better and high-quality camera Apple iPhone 14 have main dual 12 megapixels of iOS.

The boon of apple IPhone 14 is big and becoming bigger.

The camera quality of iphone

Ultra-wide 12-megapixel 13 mm camera. The dual LED includes the tone flash and HDR photography. The videography system with 1080 pixel Dolby vision and Hitech cinematography mode on the new iPhone 14 with sound recording.

People are so keen on the selfie portion of iPhone cameras. The single 12-megapixel wide 23 mm front camera with the biometric sensor in depth. Along with the stereo speakers for the loudspeaker the sound quality of the iPhone 14 is mind-blowing. Along with the white Local area network Bluetooth GPS radio and USB card. Any radio option. Though there is a USB system.

The quality for which iPhone is known for its security. The face ID proximity compass barometer Ultra white brand support gyro and satellite messages available emergency and sending and receiving for it are some of the sensors features. Apple mobile phone with 3279 mah fast charging advanced technology of 50% in 30 minutes.

The battery backup with a powerful delivery of 2.0. Having safe wireless charging connectivity of 15 watts. The colors of the iPhone 14 are Midnight purple starlight blue and red. The mesmerizing and eye-soothing colors are available in different models.


California US. The first time Apple was founded on the 1st of April in the year 1976. Steve Job is one of the whole soul creators of this techno feast world believe into. After working in importing and exporting including foreign licensing Apple company became one of the richest companies. Having its presence globally and in every sector and market, it reach its height.

The marketing strategies Apple applies in its routine are keeping messaging and showing the simplest visuals. The product manufacturers were so fond of making it the perfect one. That’s the only reason for the success of Apple. The consistency of being number one in the marketplace is because of its features and effectiveness. A great story behind the word apple.

It comprises 5 elements which include Ask, Pause, Pick, Listen, and Evaluating. The product engagement is Highly Effective due to its feature combination and versatility. To make it unique and different from the rest. The multinational corporation where by it develops the electronics and servers of computer hardware all around the country.


Digital boon and distribution of iphone

The digital distribution of this media from country to country is rich and maintains its engagement all around. A simple fact for being apple and Apple is because in one of his biography of the great Steve Jobs it is mentioned that Steve Jobs likes Apple. For giving a name to his company and new startup he wanted something simple and easy to say.


With the name Apple, it sounds fun and easy to pronunciation. One of the main reasons for being Apple is to come first in the list of alphabets. In the mass world scenario with the fast-running Technology, the long terms strategy of Apple is to be consistent. The Hard Working company and employees work day online to develop the product that meets the requirement of the mass.

Working exceptionally great to exceed the Technology to meet the Heights in all spheres. The country United States has a concentrated rich number of Apple stores and the mass consumer of Apple.

The Apple company sets various products like iPhone iPads Apple watches MacBook etc. Features Apple is known for its security. Giving layers of production to a consumer to be free from all the malware and tempered with. The data inside an iPhone cannot be tempered in any scenario.


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