The ultimate Lord Shiva 12 Jyotirling

The ultimate Lord Shiva 12 Jyotirling in India.

India is a country rich in it’s culture and diversity. lord shiv is the creator of this universe. the ultimate lord shiv jyotirling is to maintain the balance. According to Hindu mythology it’s been said that Lord Shiva is the whole creator of this universe. In India there are a total of 12 jyotirlinga found. The major place towards Lord Shiva is to pray on Shivling. In a form of power and energy we pray on The shivling. 

The actual meaning of Jyotirlinga is which prevailed light. Jyotirling is the radiant of the almighty Shiva. A short story behind the relevance of who was the first among all. According to Hindu mythology there was a discussion among Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu about who is the supreme creator of the universe.

They argue in all of a sudden a huge light appears in between and ask them to find the end of the hologram. They both started finding the end for ages but couldn’t find one. Again the same source of light appears and that was Jyotirling.  Where the Lord shiva resides in the long form. 

In India there are 12 Jyotirling, each telling a different story about Lord Shiva on earth.

Somnath Jyotirling in Gujarat

The word Som means moon. Somnath Temple is in Saurashtra which is in Gujarat. It’s been said that once the lord moon was caused by the king Daksh. He caused him to lose his beauty and luster. Moon was about die and since it would be the hamper from the creation of God. He asked Lord Shiva to set him free from the curse. Lord Shiva came in front of him and set him free. He couldn’t be set totally free but he was allowed to wax and wane. At every fortnight of every month moon disappears and come back. Then the moon established a Jyotirling for offering prayer and honoring Lord Shiva. The Jyotirling in Gujarat is known as Somnath it means the Lord of the Moon.


Mallika Arjun which is in Andhra Pradesh

it’s been said that one Kartikey son of Lord Shiva left his home Kailash and went to south. He thought that his parents were being partial with him. Lord shiva and Parvati came down in search of him and they had to live with the tribal community. When Kartikey got to know about this at Srisailam he established a Jyotirling there. At the bank of river Krishna he offered prayer to his parents and named it mallikarjun. 


Mahakaleshwar in ujjain

In ancient times in Ujjain there was a king named chandrasen. He was the devotee of lord shiva. Once the city got under attack by the adjacent kingdom. They plunder his whole kingdom. Chandrasen was worried and chanted lord shiva to help him from this massive destruction. Lord shiva appears in no time and defeats everyone. He requested lord shiva to allow him to make shivling there. Lord shiva agreed to be present in a ling form there. The word kaal means time. Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga means the lord of time.


Omkareshwar in Madhya pradesh.

On the island of mandhata near narmada river it is situated.a king name mandhata resides and atonement their.late on lord shiva appears before him in his actual form on jyotirling.the island where the shivling placed is in a shape of om. Therefore the temple is known as omkareshwar.


The ultimate lord shiv jyotirling Kedarnath in uttarakhand 

After the war of mahabharat, the pandava brothers went in search of mahadev . they performed penance to seek pardon from lord shiva for all of their wrong commitments. During the war and killing members of their own family.although lord shiva did not appear before them and he hid behind in a form of bull. Only a slight glimpse of him was seen by the pandavas. Later they installed  the shivling at the place. Kedar means a field and therefore the name was given kedar nath.


Bhimashankar temple in Maharashtra 

In the bohogiri village, Pune the jyotirling is situated. Bhima was the song of kumbhkaran. In ramayana, kumbhkaran was slayed by lord rama. To avenge his fathers death, Bhima prayed to Lord Brahma and gained power. He created a lot of mess after coming to power.besides kamrupeshwar was a shiva devotee and worshiped the shivling. Therefore once Bhima tried to destroy the ling but powerful light emitting from lord shiva and turn him to ashes. Thereafter sages requested lord shiva to manifest himself. Lord Shiva agrees to it and the jyotirling is named as Bhimashankar.


Vishwanath temple in uttar pradesh

The term means vishwa “ world” and nath means”above all”. At this place lord shiva appears from the earth’s crust and rises towards the sky. He was then hailed by  all the gods. The one who is above all. There are many legend stories behind this jyotirling.


The ultimate lord shiv jyotirling Trimbakeshwar in maharashtra

The jyotirling is situated near nasik. Once there lived sage Gautama and his wife. They were graced by lord varuna for an unlimited pit. Other rishis were jealous of him and planned an illusionary cow perish. They blamed sage Gautama for this. He reached to lord shiva and requested him to bring ganga down there to find solace.lord shiva agrees to it and the river godavari flows from there. The term trimbaka means three eye lords .


Vaidyanath dham in jharkhand. 

The jyotirling is in deoghar. Once ravana the biggest follower of lord shiva . He pleased shiv to come along with him to lanka and reside there. Eventually it would make him disconnected from all the three worlds. Shiva agrees to him on one condition that he will not keep the shivling anywhere. If he does so lord shiva will install there itself. Ravan agrees to it and proceeds. On the way to lanka, ravana felt sleepy and he gave the shivling to a small boy. Although the boy couldn’t  lift the weight and kept shivling down. The place was deoghar and the shivling was named as Vaidyanath.

The ultimate lord shiv jyotirling Nageshwar temple in Gujarat

situated in the Dwarka district. Once a demon named daruka had imprisoned a shiva devotee. He kept them inside the sea and was covered by serpents. The devotee supriya prayed to lord shiva. Lord shiva emerged and defeated the demon. He saved all his devotees and installed himself there in the form of ling. Therefore he is known as the lord of serpents and the place is called nageshwar.


Rameshwaram jyotirling in tamil nadu 

Before the battle of lord ram and ravana. Lord Rama prayed to lord shiva and installed the shivling by himself. To seek the blessing the place is known as rameshwar. It means the one whom rama pried is rama’s god.

Ghrishneshwar in maharashtra

A woman named Kusuma was the devotee of lord shiva. She used to offer prayers to the lord as an everyday routine. Thus she got a special place in society. Her husband and others became jealous of her. They murdered her only son. After knowing about this happening she was shattered. She didn’t quit her prayer and continued doing it.  Consequently lord shiva was impressed by her devotion and brought back his son. Then lord shiva appeared there and installed himself in the form of jyotirling.

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